Terrific Opportunity – by Estrella Azul

Sitting in a shabby bar, looking down on his bourbon on one of the most renowned nights in this country, the hairs on Jack’s back raised as he heard a hoarse mumble.

– Psst … yes you! Let me tell you a short story. It may be frightening for some, perhaps inconsequential for others. But I can pledge that not only is it real; it occurred to me.
What would you say to a short stroll through the graveyard? If someone suggested it how would you react? Would you be excited? Anxious? Would you go by rebellious nature or curiosity?

– Not sure, I would in all likelihood be interested. I love a good stimulation. Go on.

– Well, I received a similar proposal a few hours ago. I went out of pure curiosity. I’ve always been captivated by the world behind our world.
My fellows and I went outside town, to an ancient cemetery. The scene halted my breath, but the visit was not limited purely to admire the city. As we walked through the tombs, suddenly it got chilly. I could see my breath steaming and I began feeling like there was something out there. I couldn’t move.
I’m not certain how much time had passed, but at last my friends decided to go home. They were laughing, joking, careless. I admit that I felt relieved about leaving.

We left the burial ground and headed down on the only road full of potholes leading up the hill. We drove slowly, right past the boulder wall of an old desolate house. I can see it in my mind’s eyes how the taillights lit up an isolated corner. There was nothing there.
But as soon as my friends turned away focusing on the road again, I saw it: a lit up Jack-’O-Lantern in one of the panes. Although I can’t put my finger on it, it was one of the most horrifying ones I’ve ever seen!

– How can one pumpkin be more frightful than any other? Kid’s play! – Jack snorted into his drink

– Believe what you wish, I’ve lived it. – the smug lad assured.


– Not for long you haven’t. Happy Halloween! – Jack said aloud glancing at the window sill, imagining how astounded the police would be to come upon his second masterpiece per this year.

carving terrific


*You can find the first flash fiction I wrote about Jack in the Best of Friday Flash – Volume One Anthology, Carving Terrific Jack-‘O-Lanterns
(or in my Creative Writing Corner archives).


15 Comments to “Terrific Opportunity – by Estrella Azul”

  1. Creepy seems to be the best word to describe this. Nice story.

  2. yes the flash is terrific and really really nice… and as Emelie said…. creepy .. :)

  3. Yeah, another guy who likes making REAL Halloween pumpkinheads. :D

  4. Thanks everyone for taking the time to read and comment, it means a lot!

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