Um, you have some…


No un-housebroken “royal family” was harmed in the taking of this photo.
Any and all similarity to human blood
and the disappearance of my roommates
is purely coincidental* 


5 Comments to “Um, you have some…”

  1. Okay, won’t scare you further, I was painting plaster crafts a few weeks ago and spilled the red paint all over my hands and pants cause the lid was stuck… see how strong I am? ;)

  2. yes… i was there.. i just turned around and BUUUMM!
    my heart almost stopped…. i shouted after my roommates to see if they are alive and could here them shouting something (sounded like “Help!, i’m Bleed…”) and then i saw her… she was just trying to open a jar of red paint :) huh… :)

  3. Ha! You know I saw a news story where a city in Europe turned all of the fountains red, to look like blood!

  4. Hmmm this post is funny and original!

  5. You crack me up @ ferydaboss :)

    I read about that fountain too Janel just a couple of days ago!

    Erica, thanks :) Glad you enjoyed it!

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