Day of the Dead

Just came back from the cemetery about an hour ago, and since today isn’t a holiday in countries such as Australia, Canada, the US or UK, I’ve decided to share with you some photos and a bit of info about my afternoon.
In Romania, today on November 1st, is the celebration of Világítás, Hungarian for Illumination, which is the Day of the Dead (also known around the world as: Day of Remembrance, All Saints’ day, All Hallows Tide, or All Hallows’ Day).
The cult of the dead is pretty important especially on this day of the year.
People have a strong faith that on the night of the Day of the Dead, the souls of those who have passed are returning among the living.
November 1st is a day when a large part of Romania, regardless of religion or nation give alms to the poor, go to the cemetery to clean the graves (pull out weeds, wash tombstones, sweep away the leafs from around gravesites).
They lay flowers and wreaths, then light candles and lampions on the graves of relatives (and/or close friends), praying for the souls of the departed.

Kismező Cemeterypage kismezo nappal modified

I think the value of a man not only consists of the importance they give life, but also in the respect for the memory of those who aren’t among us anymore.

Today is a special day, cemeteries are lit by hundreds of candles which make the night feel magical.

Házsongárdi Cemeterypage hazsongardi sirokpage hazsongardi vilagitas vilagitaskor

And for some reason, the image of the lit cemetery gives me comfort that death is nothing but a mere trip somewhere far away.

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24 Comments to “Day of the Dead”

  1. I had no idea that you would celebrate this in Romania. There is a small neighborhood about 12 miles from my home that has a lavish celebration.

  2. Here in Peru, November 1st of All Saints Day and November 2nd is the Day of the Dead.
    We have a holiday on the 1st and many people go to cemeteries to visit their beloved departed. I think that’s why here many people think mistakenly that November 1st is the Day of the Dead.
    I’ll be visiting your blog. I liked it!

    • Thanks for sharing this, it’s always interesting to see how others celebrate and celebrations differ :) Here the two are celebrated mostly on the same day.
      I’m glad you stopped in and I’ll see you next time :)

  3. How wonderful, I love all the photos, how inspired of you to take them and share with us too. Never seen anything like it, gorgeous!

  4. Different from the Spanish Day of the Dead, I liked reading about this!

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