Staying in touch – by Estrella Azul

– Have you spoken to your father yet? You’ve been home for three days now. He most certainly worries about you. – her mother inquired.
– Not yet Mom, however, he doesn’t even know I was away. I kept wanting to let him know before I left, but it was always after 10 PM by the time I remembered. – the unknown girl sincerely responded.
– He knows about your trip, I called him after you left.
– Now why would you do that? I was only gone for two weeks and it’s not like I traveled halfway around the globe.
– Well, I only wanted him to know it would be costly to phone you during that time.
– I’ll do it later. – she gave in.


– Hey Dad, sorry I haven’t called you since I got back, I’ve been insanely occupied catching up with work an…
– Hiii baaby! III’m not feeelin’ too wwell… II’ll call youu when III get beetter, okaaayyy? – the inebriated voice on the other end of the line interrupted her.
– Oh, sure… Bye D… – her father had already hung up.


*This is my third installment of the Unknown Girl. You can read the previous standalone flashes here:

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22 Comments to “Staying in touch – by Estrella Azul”

  1. Oh, this is good. You tell everything in these few words. Sad and excellent.

  2. I really did feel for this poor girl, what a dad.

    Powerful writing.

  3. Great story! A sad and bittersweet family dynamic, but a great story. :)

  4. Appareances can be misleading. I was thinking that unknown girl wasn’t acting correctly, but the final twist showed me the truth.
    Sad story for everybody, even for the father.

  5. Thank you everyone for taking the time to read and comment on my flash, I’m sorry I didn’t have much time to comment myself, but I’m happy to have been able to get back to you guys :)

  6. Oh, that hurts. It just does.

    Beautifully done in such a small space. Elegant.

  7. Very sad portrait and tastefully done.

  8. I enjoyed this but feel really sad for the girl.

    Wonderful writing.

  9. Sounds an awful lot like my kid’s relationship with their father unfortunately. Great flash!

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