Handmade Chair Leg Booties

I haven’t personally made the socks from the photos (they were a gift), but after using them in the room on hard wood floors I’m very pleased of how well they protect it. Plus, they’re so cute and easy enough to hand make; thought I’d share the idea with you guys too :)


Handmade Chair Leg Booties

Cut two round pieces of fabric the size of the chair foot plus 3-4 inches. Hem the circle by folding fabric under a quarter inch then once again. Stitch around the hem. Insert a thin elastic or ribbon through the hem.

Cut a half sized piece of leather than your original pieces (or carpeting) and sew it unto the bottom of the bootie for further protection and durability.

Place the chair foot in the center of the fabric circle and draw up the elastic or ribbon. Secure and your chairs are cuter by the second :)

Optionally, if you have uneven floors or chair legs, use a small scrap of carpeting or quilt padding and place it under the chair leg before the chair leg bootie is attached. It’s unnoticeable and your chair won’t waddle any more.

Happy crafting ;)

11 Responses to “Handmade Chair Leg Booties”

  1. really nice tips to share with us :) and yes they really look better in the room with these “mittens” on :P

  2. I like these. I have tile floors so these would be perfect. I’m going to give it a try. Felt on the bottom would work, too, I think.

  3. These are such a great idea! I hate that my chairs scrape and groan when moved. Even when I get those nail or stick on slider things. I’ll have to see if I can figure these out! Thanks!


  4. I have never seen anything like this before. What a great idea and so cute!

  5. I have an urge to make some that look like dragon feet, but with soft claws. This delighted me. so cute.

  6. Too bad these can’t be used for folding as chairs as well. But I can work something out :)


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