If I had a life professor

I was so touched by Judy’s amazing post about being Fearless just now, that I had to share with you my favorite lines. I, too, would love to have a life professor saying the following to me.

She’d tell me that I’m nice enough and funny enough, and I can have a pretty good life being nice and funny.

” But every now and then you go beyond nice and funny,” she’d say. “You leap when you can’t see your landing, give your heart when you fear it might get broken, write words that scare you and then show them to people who might reject you. You risk, and, lo and behold, you land. You love. You tell your story and are understood… You live a little magic.”

I totally get what Judy is talking about, and when feeling a bit afraid of looking ahead, I always think of her advice: “Leap and the net will appear!” And I also think of how being fearless isn’t about being not afraid, but what we do in spite it.

If I stopped every time I was afraid, I’d most probably never would’ve started this blog or writing fiction, I wouldn’t have my own small crafting business, travel by my self and I certainly wouldn’t have met all my wonderful bloggy friends!

Thank you for the reminder Judy!


13 Comments to “If I had a life professor”

  1. That is some very inspiring advice. I wonder how great all of us could be if we were able to put aside our fears.

  2. I agree with you about what is not being afraid, or what is being brave: to face our fears. Someone without fears… I’m pretty sure that doesn’t exist.
    I’ll make a visit to Judy’s blog.

    • Well I agree too, I’m pretty sure everyone in their right mind has at least some fears. But yes, facing our fears makes the difference!
      I’m sure you’ll like Judy’s blog, she’s great! :)

  3. Awww! Thank you, sweetie! You made my day. <3

  4. really nice words, both from you and from judy too. really touching words… :) great job(x2) :P

  5. These are wonderful. I now have a ready made script for those less confident times. Beautiful words.

  6. This though is totally complete yet to the point without the need for any uncertainty from ourselves, people need to focus on the positive!

  7. This really is essentially a lovely idea. Something like this will precisely show how deep the concept is actually realized by each of us, knowing how valuable we are.

  8. Love this, heading over to read the post on the blog you recommended.

  9. I love this – thanks, it is just the reminder I needed at the crossroads I am currently at regarding work, life and everything.!

  10. That’s what I though also, such great words to rely on when you’re having a rainy day :)

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