Handmade Christmas Crafts – Quick tutorial list

I kind of outdid myself last year and posted tutorials for a week’s worth of Christmas crafts :)

So this year I’ll list them here for your guys to have all  in one place for easier access (since I’ll be using the same methods). And I’ll only post a couple of new ones depending on my available free time before the holidays.

page wreaths centerpieces

Happy Christmas crafting everyone ;)

7 Comments to “Handmade Christmas Crafts – Quick tutorial list”

  1. Wow such a lovely ideas!!! I have no time, but I can think about them maybe to relax a bit!

  2. How was your surprise vacation?

  3. really great ideas! thanks for sharing them!

  4. I am always looking for homemade gifts to make. Thanks for sharing. :)

  5. These things looks amazing!!! Thank you! I’m definitely going to use your cloth gift bag idea–I’m so tired of nonrecyclable paper and gift bags and I’m in the midst of a million other gift crafts that would fit perfectly in these.

    Thanks again! Have a lovely day!

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