Multiple firsts in less than a week

I’m back! And although I wish I could pack and go back as soon as possible, or to never had come home just yet in the first place, but being home is okay too. Especially cause after more than a week I finally get to post something!

The trip to Sicily was more than I ever expected it to be. Everyone I met was super nice, all the places I visited were amazing and are etched into my heart for ever.

I fell in love so many times during this trip my heart feels it could explode any second now! ;)

But to get to the title, here’s a list of things I did/had happen to me for the very first time in a foreign country, in less than a week:

  1. airplane flight
  2. had my cough candy stolen
  3. cloudscapes from above
  4. Sicily, Italy
  5. Thanksgiving dinner
  6. eating a lot of different kinds of food I’ve never had before
  7. being mistaken for an American girl (almost on a daily basis)
  8. seeing/hearing/touching the ocean and beach
  9. writing drafts elsewhere than my usual writing places
  10. eating semi successfully with chopsticks (Vietnamese dinner)
  11. furthest I’ve ever traveled from home
  12. being stalked in a foreign country
  13. the longest time speaking in English
  14. walk around an exotic orchard (at night)
  15. slightly burning my hand while baking an apple sheet cake
  16. smashing flying a toy helicopter
  17. visiting a catacomb (and remaining speechless)
  18. learning how to drive, in a BMW, at night, at 200 kph, with my eyes closed! (okay, just kidding about the last parts … or not ;))


PS: I’ll have photos up too as soon as my Windows Live Writer quits giving me errors and after I make some collages next week :)


16 Comments to “Multiple firsts in less than a week”

  1. What a great list, though being stalked doesn’t sound like too much fun :P

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