Learn the lesson and change

I think one of the most important lessons I’ve learned over this past year is to do my best with what I have, to improvise and to try not fearing the uncertain things, twists and turns Life throws at me.

3 lessons I’m forever relearning are:

    – putting myself first isn’t selfish, it’s necessary (though I still feel selfish about it 99% of the time)
    – everything that goes wrong can go right too (I need to remember not to lose hope)
    – following someone else’s lead isn’t that bad (trying to always be in control of everything is tiring and sometimes useless)

I’ve recently found that I shouldn’t reject the unknown, that I shouldn’t beat myself up about it, but welcome new things even when I feel they will turn my world upside down.

Because truthfully: that’s what uncertainty does. It takes over our world and turns everything upside down, and it takes us a while to act, to change and just go with the flow.
But overcoming our fears and doing something very differently makes us stronger and may lead to something so much better than what we had before!

Normally people are afraid of change and prefer things remaining as they are, as to not stir the waters.
I’m guilty of doing that myself… Of not speaking up when I have the chance, of letting fear overcome me.

Change takes serious efforts. Change is risky. But change is good!

Change is about finding a new balance.
Change means accepting your new self and trying to welcome your new path. Stepping off the beaten path and making your own takes courage! 
But when you’ve had the courage to do so, even if you don’t know where you’ll end up, change gives you the chance to be better than you were, to make things better in your life, and in the life of those you care about.

If I really think about it… I’d rather regret doing something, than not going for it when I had the chance!


What about you guys? Any lessons you keep relearning? Do you struggle with deciding you need a/need to change?


13 Comments to “Learn the lesson and change”

  1. Very well said. I think struggling to change a bad habit, like eating poorly, is one of the hardest changes to make. Good luck with your changes. :)

  2. Trying to always be in control of everything is not only tiring and useless… it can make you really sick. Physically sick, I mean.

  3. Estrella, this is such a wonderfully intelligent post. You couldn’t be more right – everyone is afraid of change, no matter how brave they are already. Change is challenging, period. I used to be very afraid of change, but then the company I work for merged with a global company (we were a small “family-like” business of less than 150 employees) and it was one change after another. We all had to get used to that, like it or not. I won’t lie – that was Hard! But after I realized that this would be an ongoing experience, (something about the company changes at least every couple months), I decided there was no use in fighting it, that it’s best just to go with the flow as you say, and look ahead to the positive aspects. That has also helped me be more accepting of changes in my personal life, and I have a lot to be grateful for.
    Thank you for a thought-provoking post!

    • Your post did prompt my thinking about this, so I’m the one who should be thanking you :)
      And yes, no use in fighting it or one may just be making themselves miserable.
      Glad that experience made you be more accepting of change in your personal life too!

  4. Something for you Estrella becaue you’re so Wholesome! http://wp.me/pxgHj-lI

  5. Change may be good, may be bad, it’s a risk. but what ever you do you have to accept it, and move on with the change. for some it may be easy for some hard. but what ever you do you have to accept it. and yes, it may be no use fighting it but it may be really hard to live with it :) these are my thoughts and i wish you and all of you out there good luck in your changes ;)

    • Change is good, may be bad, some are harder than other and it definitely is always a risk. But you’re right, we need to accept it and move on.
      Thank you, your comment was so nice to read! I wish you good luck with all your changes too ;)

  6. Merry Christmas! I hope everyone has an awesome and peaceful New Year!

  7. I like this approach to change, because as you’ve said, people are too afraid of changes…

  8. When things are in a rut and you feel overwhelmed, and lost change is good. It might hurt, you and other people around you, but it’s good on the long run. Great post, loved it!

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