Ten things I believe

I’m stepping away from my posting schedule, I know, however being this close to Christmas and the end of the year somehow makes me want to write a couple of more soul searching posts. So bear with me as I follow in J’s footsteps (from last year, and this year) :)

For a long time now I’ve been meaning to write a list of things I believe. Life somehow got in the way of my doing that.

Until now. I’ve set aside two hours last night for this.

And after much staring out the window, noticing how my cats have taken over my bed, thinking of a battle plan to re-conquer my territory, making myself a cup of tea, catching up on new blog posts with the help of Google Reader, leaving a few comments here and there, listening to the movie my mom was watching in the other room, re-arranging existing notes and adding new things to my inspiration board above my desk, and generally getting distracted by everything else that was around me… I’m pleased to publish the following list.

Ten things I believe:

  1. Putting myself first isn’t selfish, it’s necessary. (Need more time to believe this 100% but I’m glad to be closer to it than I was at the beginning of the year.)
  2. It’s okay to follow someone else’s lead from time to time.
  3. Everything that goes wrong can go right too.
  4. Outer order contributes to inner calm.
  5. Leap and the net will appear.
  6. Change is good, even when it’s the hardest thing you can possibly do.
  7. The only way out is through.
  8. Life is messy – however, we need to make messes in order to find out who we are and why we’re here.
  9. We begin to find and become ourselves when we notice how we are already found, already truly, entirely, wildly, messily, marvelously who we were born to be.
  10. Reality is unforgivingly complex.

After putting this list together I realized why writing it took me so long. Some of these are things I’ve heard from friends, read on blogs and in books.

It took me a while to get comfortable with posting them, as they’re not my own thoughts, but then I remembered: this is why we’re here, and how we can strive to make our lives better – by learning from others!

So, what has 2010 taught you? What do you believe?


19 Comments to “Ten things I believe”

  1. Well, that’s a good challenge. I’ll maybe do a twin post on this! A post full of lists and bullet points!
    Thanks for the idea! So, I can keep my promise too!

  2. Wonderfully inspiring post Estrella. My guess is that everyone who reads this will print it and post it on their own “inspiration board” – I will be, (if you don’t mind).

    Ah yes, those elusive thoughts of “what have I learned this year” trudge around my mind all the while I’m shopping for gifts no one needs, wrapping those gifts, decorating the house, etc, etc. I believe it’s time to carve out my own couple hours to follow your lead and write the things I believe *must promise myself to do that before Christmas Eve!

    Thanks so much Estrella!

    • You’re so welcome Deanna, of course I don’t mind you posting this to your own inspiration board, I’m delighted to have inspired you to do so.

      Can’t wait to read your list of things you believe, hope you will have time to write it before Christmas Eve :) Have a fun time shopping and wrapping gifts and decorating, that’s pretty much what my week will be like too.


      • I do have a lot to do this week, (plus for the first time in ten years I’m working the days before Christmas), but I’m off the week after so hopefully I can work on my list then.

        Right now I’m working on my #fridayflash for Christmas – at this point it’s a short – ha! short, right, it’s Long! – hence the need to work on it, cut, cut, cut…

        Thanks again Estrella!

  3. I havne’t really thought of an answer to your final question. That’s an introspective journey I owe myself.

  4. “4.Outer order contributes to inner calm.”
    That’s a biggie.
    Hope you can (A)carve yourself out some inner calm and (B)manage to put some glitter on it.
    xxoo Merry Christmas Sweetie.
    k :0)

    • Carve some inner calm – check
      Add glitter – check :)

      Yes, that is a biggie, and I’m glad to be done with all the pre-Christmas cleaning :)

      Merry Christmas to you too honey!
      Huge hugs!

  5. Well, considering I stole the whole idea of a belief list reading other writer/blogger’s manifestos… I have no problem with adopting the amazing beliefs of others. I love your #9. I forget that sometimes. So much of what I want is already here, inside me. Thank you for the reminder! Your list is awesomesauce! ;-)

    • Thank you J, I have no problem adopting beliefs, just with sharing them with the world when they’re not my own :P

      I love #9 too, have to remind myself also, but being on the list makes it harder to forget ;)

  6. I love this list! And, I agree, compiling it from things you’ve seen elsewhere is perfectly legitimate when you’re doing it as a way to remind yourself of what’s important. It’s like a tribute to all the great inspiration you’ve received. And I totally want to copy your list for my bulletin board, so that’s a great testimony for how wonderful your list is.

    • *blush* Thanks!
      You’ve made me feel so much better about borrowing people’s beliefs :) And of course I’m flattered that you want to copy it to your bulletin board, it is a great testimony ;)

  7. Excellent list, Estrella.

    4. Could explain a lot about me – and we’re not talking about my awesome inner calm. :-)

    5. Sometimes, for me, it doesn’t – but, for a while at least, I’m flying and that makes up for a great deal

    6. Oh hell yes!

    Happy Holidays to you and yours.

    • Thank you Kevin!

      I love reading your take on some of these.
      4. Doesn’t have to be awesome, but it does contribute to inner calm
      5. It’s a win win situation, flying also does make up for a great deal
      6. Oh, I know :)

      Happy holidays to you and yours too!

  8. Incredibly true. Especially that you said putting myself in the first isn’t selfish. Loved reading it. :)

  9. Came back to reread your list after seeing Sajib’s comment come by email. I just made a decision about my life and creativity where 9 of the 10 points from your list totally resonate with the direction I’m choosing. I couldn’t see how #4 (about outer order contributing to inner calm) applied, or even whether it should . . . until I realized I’m reading this right before embarking on a decluttering project that will support my decision in a physical way (so I can have specific creative books and tools at my fingertips while I’m working).

    So, yeah, every single thing on your list rings true. What a great list. I’m grateful to have all these reminders in one place. I’m going to bookmark it in my “Wild Child / Dreams & Goals” folder. Thanks, Estrella. :)

    ~ Milli

    • Milli, I’m so happy that you came back to re-read and found an answer for your being unsure of #4 in your own life/way. It’s interesting what the mind can hold on to and process for a long time, isn’t it?

      Just like friends of mine say, I also like to clean when my life is in disarray.
      It gives you a concrete thing to focus on, most people feel so much better in a clean space anyway and most importantly: as you let go of things you’ve collected over the years and which you most certainly won’t need ever again, you can let go of the clutter you have going on in your mind as well.
      I think letting go, both physically and metaphorically, is the best way to start a new chapter!

      Again, thank you for loving my list, you have no idea how happy it makes me that it rang true for so many of my readers and wonderful friends!
      Merry Christmas :)

  10. Love this post!

    I believe that when hope is lost, all is lost.
    I believe feelings have a way of making things right, but also screwing everything up.
    I believe people can change if they really want to.

    Thanks for making me think of these things :)

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