My trip to Sicily, Italy

I know everyone’s busy with pre-holiday preparations (as am I) so I’ll keep today’s post short, sweet and visual :)

Last week I’ve posted about my Multiple firsts in less than a week and now, finally, here they are, fresh out of my editing program: vacation photos of my wonderful week in Sicily, Italy.

I’ve said it before, but I have to say it again: I fell in love so many times during this trip my heart feels it could explode any second now! Just look at the amazing scenery ;)

page leaving RomeFlight from Rome


page cloudscapes from aboveCloudscapes


page SicilySicily


page CataniaCatania


page RagalnaRagalna


page Taormina Taormina


page Greek Ampitheatre in TaorminaGreek Amphitheatre in Taormina


page Messina beachMessina


page Petralia SopranaPetralia Soprana


page Cefalu beachCefalu


page Monreale Monreale


page Belpasso (Etna)Belpasso


page Siracusa city Siracusa – city


page Siracusa beach  Siracusa – rocky beach


page some lovely thingsLovely things collage


23 Comments to “My trip to Sicily, Italy”

  1. Thanks for sharing these photos. They are beautiful.. I am tempted to make a trip to Sicily with my wife next year.

    Happy holidays, Estrella.

  2. Estrella—Sorry that I left out your blog address when I thanked you, but I fixed it. I am jealous—I would love to go to Italy. It looks like you had a marvelous trip. I’ve only gone abroad to spend time in France and Spain, and I love southern France so much, I’ve been back three times.

    What is YOUR favorite place on earth to visit?

    • No worries, I don’t read your blog to have mine hinted at, but because it’s lovely! :)

      I did have a marvelous trip, and now I’m jealous, I’d love to visit France and Spain too! But then again, I have many many places I’d love to visit and re-visit.

      As for my favorite place on earth… I’ll have to go with Syracuse right now, as that’s the most amazing place I visited up until now.
      I loved all of Sicily, each place we visited, but Syracuse tends to be the favorite because of my (newly discovered) uncontrollable love of the sea, ocean, beach and this place is surrounded by the sea! Comes very close to my idea of heaven on Earth ;)

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