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Okay, so I wanted to come up with something amazingly funny, and witty, and impressive to sweep everyone off their feet… but that’s just not happening today. So bear with me please.

I woke up at 6 AM this morning to go the eye doctor’s after my appointment magically disappeared in December and I was forced to reschedule for today.
Found out that I do in fact need glasses *sarcastic Yay*.
It’s been fun though as the eye doctor’s resident started flirting with me. Hmmm… so I do have beautiful eyes *winks*

The fact that I’m functioning on little to no sleep, again, really isn’t that safe for anyone around me. Had a cappuccino this afternoon which hasn’t had the searched for effect.
Sometimes a cappuccino will turn me into something like Tessa here. And then there are these other times, like today, when it’s all for nothing and I end up grumpier, and believe it or not, more tired than as if I stayed up all night.

I’m definitely a puzzle even to myself *sigh*

Oh, just got distracted by something shiny! Hope your day went much better!


17 Comments to “Insert catchy post title here”

  1. Thanks guys, I’m more rested now so I’m safe to be around again ;)
    Glad to see that I didn’t seem as tired as I thought, and that the title was actually catchy *looks proud*

  2. So sorry that the capuccino didn’t do the trick or that you didn’t like the trick that it did. Glasses will make you feel better.

  3. Everything should be made as simple as possible … but not simpler.

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