Recipe of the month: Muzsdéj

I have to admit I originally forgot all about posting a recipe of the month, and though I have time until the end of the month, thought I’d rather do it today as I remembered a quick sauce recipe.

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Muzsdéj (Garlic Sauce)

sour cream (or yoghurt for a lighter version)
1 tablespoon mineral water
optionally curd

–> as tastes differ individually, you’ll need to admeasure the ingredients to your own taste


Mince garlic, then mix well with the sour cream, salt, mineral water and optionally add a couple of teaspoons of curd.

While the origins of this sauce are still debatable as being either Hungarian or Romanian, and even though it has many other variations, this one is my favorite as it’s done in a couple of minutes.

It’s an amazing sauce for fish and also for most kinds of meat. (Insanely yummy on French fries with grated cheese!)

Bonus: keeps away those pesky vampires too ;)

Bon appétit! ;)


12 Responses to “Recipe of the month: Muzsdéj”

  1. really nice sauce :D its easy to make and very tasty :D especially with french fries :D

  2. Is this the sauce you used on the French fries when you had the cold? Sounds good to me, I love sour cream. :)

  3. A taste of garlic is always very welcomed!

  4. You had me at garlic! I love any kind of garlic sauce being a good old Ukrainian. lol. I’ll have to give this a try – I think it would be awesome on a sandwich too as a bit of a spread- just make it a bit thicker.

  5. I love garlic! I may even try this sauce tonight — I have everything for it (and usually do)!

  6. This sounds delicious! I’ve taken to roasting my garlic first for any number of dishes, including garlic soup. It’s also good just spread on a crusty bread or baguette. Twice in the past year, I’ve made myself garlic soup when I was getting a cold and it really helped get rid of it. Love you, sweetheart, and so proud of all you do. ♥

    • Depends on the dish, but usually roasted garlic makes me sick. Love the smell though (which is weird, I know… same with roasted onions :P adore the smell, will get sick if I eat them) So 99% of the time I eat it raw.
      I know what you mean about spreading it on bread or baguette, and it’s absolutely delicious on freshly baked bread or on toast!
      Garlic is one of the things I ALWAYS eat when I feel like coming down with a cold, it’s just great for it!

      Love you too, honey, and thank you *blush*


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