In a lilac phase ;)

My camera is broken, so I couldn’t take photos of my newest crafts for a tutorial this week either… However, as January is International Creativity Month I wanted to post something crafty too this month.


Right before I left for Sicily in November, I bought a little wooden jewelry box to safely take some jewelry with me (and not have to search for them in my suitcase for hours on end after arrival).

As I sat down to beautify it, for some reason, the lilac paint I had started kicking, screaming and demanding to be used. And so I did.


I painted the jewelry box in four shades of lilac then decorated it with decoupaged Lilacs, a few plaster heart shaped magnets, a Yin-Yang candle holder and the frame of a wall picture decorated with a napkin I bought from Hungary this summer.

I love them all! ;)

The jewelry box and wall picture have been decorated with the decoupage technique, and the magnets, candle holders and picture frame are plaster castings. Click here to read both techniques described in this post.


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  1. I LOVE these :)

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