Pen name in print ;)

January 4th started out cloudy and with a headache lingering on since the night before, so I honestly didn’t expect much of that day.
Then the doorbell rang.
The postman handed me over my package and my heart literally skipped a beat when I read the return address!

page BOFF

I had the Best of Friday Flash – Volume One under my Awaiting Publication list for a while and on August 18th #fridayflash history has been made: the eBook was out and available on SmashWords.

The more exciting news though is that since November 2010 the anthology is also out in paperback!

When I started writing and actually publishing my writing, I never imagined People would like my writing. I never thought I’d get published.
But people liked my flashes and poems. I got published in a few wonderful e-zines.
However, by far my biggest achievement is getting my flash accepted in the BOFF.
January has almost come to an end, yet it’s still somewhat unbelievable to look at my bookshelf and see the BOFF, to open it and see my pen name in the table of contents, to see my flash in print.
The book contains the best sixty-seven stories written during the very first year of #fridayflash.

Now, as I’m an emerging writer, a young Hungarian woman living in Romania, writing in English (and as far as I know, the first and only writer of #fridayflash filling these exact characteristics) – you can imagine my excitement and feeling way beyond honored to have one of my flash stories, Carving Terrific Jack-O’-Lanterns, included in the anthology among some of the most amazing writers’ pennings.

*excitedly jumps up and down practically bouncing off the ceiling*

Hope I made you curious enough to head over to Amazon or CreateSpace and order your copy of the Best of Friday Flash – Volume One ;)


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  1. Amazing writing, congrats :)

  2. Your writing is amazingly fantastic! Congrats on being in print :)

  3. Congratulations, Estrella!

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