Note to self

Sometimes I do things I may later wish to kick myself for, but which turn out funny enough to share. So here goes, a few notes to myself you can take a peek at –>

  • The result of adding: bookshelf + mom’s "help" + my toe = sooo not a good idea! I’m perfectly capable of injuring myself on my own, so don’t ask my mother for help again! Ever! EVER!
  • Disregard inner clock while reading at night (or I might just end up going to bed after 3 AM every morning).
  • Making the cat swallow her medicine is so much easier at the vet – she isn’t too scared to move (nor bite, nor scratch, etc.) at home!
  • Just because the crosswalk light is green it doesn’t mean that guy in the tuned up car making half the city listen to his music also got the memo.
  • Having glasses does not equal with seeing in the dark. On the contrary…


PS: I’ve fallen in love with Bookshelf Porn

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21 Comments to “Note to self”

  1. Your second note to self…sorry, I just don’t understand. You say that like it’s a *bad* thing. :-)

    Hope your toe heals quickly.

    • Ha – it’s not a bad thing (except when I only get 3 hours of sleep… and that’s not safe for anyone around me) :P
      Toe is better, thanks, doesn’t even hurt while I’m out and about anymore, so yay for that!

  2. That was a fun post, love your funny take on things :)

  3. Oh boy do I know the feeling Estrella! I just now called my son’s orthodontist to reschedule an appointment, and I introduced myself as my own mother…oh well, it’s Monday and I’ve not yet had enough coffee. :)

    Thanks so much for the kind note this morning – that started my day/week off right!

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