Love projects – Pay it forward

Today, I want to share with you guys a couple of (love) projects I’ve been doing.

It all started with the week of extreme nice inspired by Gretchen Rubin back in December last year. It was a week where I decided to help out (my family, as they’re always so supportive of me) in every way that I could, not to question, criticize or judge and just do everything they needed even if it was unspoken, and just be extremely nice.
Though it’s not sustainable for every single day from that first day forward, it reminded me to be even more attentive, selfless and loving.

After new years, I read Judy’s post. I completely agree with her when she says “I believe love should be our default position.”
I loved the idea of making this into a project, and while I do act on impulse trying to make people around me a bit happier on a regular basis, by sending e-cards, e-mails, leaving loving comments, sending postcards and letters, giving unexpected small gifts, being there when all seems hopeless, talking on Skype when in fact I’ve had the account for about 5 years and barely used it a couple of times, calling just to say “Hi”, and lots more…
I’m feeling more accountable and so much more happy since I’ve decided to start consciously following J’s Love Project. Go check her blog out, take the cute love project badge and put it on your blog; she truly inspires people to join in and experience a year of loving fearlessly.

Which brings me to one of the loveliest ways I can entwine spreading love and my crafty side, and one which will go wonderfully with January being International Creativity Month –>


Last week, while flipping through my GoogleReader before heading out in the cold and our sidewalks consisting of pure ice to get to the last tutoring lesson of the week, I found this "Pay It Forward" blog post on Becky Povich: Writer and Bliss follower’s lovely blog. I instantly fell in love with the idea!


ME:  I will create something handmade to send to the first five people who leave a comment on this post saying they would like to participate! – And I just can’t wait to receive my gift from Becky :)
YOU:  To play along you must be willing to repost the photo + this part of my post and do the same, offering something handmade to five other people. (The Rules don’t specify that the five people must be the first five to leave a comment on your blog, but that seems like the fair approach.)
YOU & ME, BOTH:  All handmade gifts will be sent sometime in 2011, and they can be anything you want. Simple, light, funny and endearing, a hand drawn card, even just a poem written especially for someone if you’re not so handy; anything goes.
Just remember the main goal: bringing a smile to someone’s face – selflessly and fearlessly spreading the love!

Now, let me see a show of hands: who would like to receive something handmade from me and make a few people more happy themselves? ;)


13 Responses to “Love projects – Pay it forward”

  1. I’m in! How cool. And what I love about the Pay It Forward project in particular is that it does totally blend your desire to be more fearlessly loving with you insatiable appetite to create. I’m all smiles! xoxo

  2. Hey Estrella! Thank you so much for keeping the fun, kindness and creativity going! (Don’t include me as someone to send something to, because I’m already sending YOU something!!) Have a wonderful week! I’m hoping to stay inside and stay warm…..and hopefully not lose electricity or anything like that. BIG STORM supposedly on its way. We’ve already got an ice covered deck, driveway and sidewalk!

    • I absolutely loved this idea, so it’s really thank you to you for the inspiration and providing the fun challenge thingy ;)

      Stay warm and safe honey, that storm doesn’t sound like much fun… we’re having terrible weather here too, and though no storms, it’s so cold and ice covers our sidewalks as well…

      Hugs :)

  3. This is great! I saw this one go around facebook earlier in the year… So I’m doing it there… It’s great to see it happening in other places, too! :D

  4. Hum. I am going to sign up, but like Becky, I am going to send something to you, but don’t want anything in return. If you read my blog, you’ll know that I’m crazy over these ATCs and am now trading online. I want to send one to you. You just might be the nicest person I’ve met on the Internet. You’re always sending kind words to everyone. You really have no fear to put yourself out there. I admire you more than you can imagine. But with all the trading I’m doing, I hesitate to repost your challenge because I know that others, though they would love the idea, might not be able to, or might not have the time to sign up. However, if you like the ATCs I made today, I’ll send you one tomorrow, provided I get your address.

    I’ll keep paying it forward in the best way I know how. I love visiting your blog. There’s so much to read, and so many places to visit. Stay safe in the snow! Patsye

    • “I’ll keep paying it forward in the best way I know how.” – Well said, I think this is all that matters really, being lovely and kind at any time :)

      Thank you for your wonderful words, you’ve certainly made my day!
      (and I emailed you about it, so I won’t stretch this comment out any longer)


  5. This is lovely. Suzi over at the LaundryLineDivine is also doing something like this. There is so much love in handcrafts. I really like the idea.

  6. Because I love all of you so much, I’ve decided to send each and every one of you commenters something handmade (even if you’re not participating this time around in the pay it forward project).
    I’ll be emailing you as soon as I get a chance, to get your snail mail addresses :)

    Huge hugs to you all!

  7. That is so cool, heading over to see that Love Project :)


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