Fifteen minutes & a doodle :)

This Monday, J started an experiment for writers that I’m excited to be a part of. It’s basically about sitting down and writing for fifteen minutes whatever comes to mind. Go check it out!
And as a result of that, the blog post below has been written today in fifteen minutes (granted, in increments of three times five minutes actually as life kept interrupting) ;)

I went to sleep bed about 20 minutes before getting up and jotting down one word for today’s post last night.
Why didn’t I fall asleep like normal people usually do as soon as their heads hit the pillow? – you might ask.
Because my mind refused to quiet down.
It’s been like this (my mind) ever since I can remember, worse for the past few years, over-thinking, jumping from one half finished thought to the other, from one random sentence to the next… and it did the exact same thing last night too.
The only difference is that while on other times I just let it do its own thing until hours later I eventually fall asleep, last night I remembered something and just had to get up, search for something and write this word on a post-it note I stuck to my laptop.

I have absolutely no idea how it even crossed my mind (at 2 AM nonetheless), but I remembered something I had once received.
High school was never exactly a great experience for me, in fact the word ‘hate’ comes pretty close to how I felt about it.
But it did have a few moments when it was good.

On a day that seemed darker than most, just before the end of a class that had drained me of every ray of hope left for a carefree weekend, a classmate of mine turned around and placed a small piece of paper in my pencil case.
I reached for it and upon opening, instead of the cursing words about the teacher that I was secretly hoping to read, I found the following doodle.


And in that moment – I felt happy.
It felt amazing to see that someone cared enough to make me something, to try and cheer me up without expecting anything in return.
That was a simple gesture of selfless kindness, of spreading love, which lightened my whole week, and quite possibly four years of high school (in terms of random acts of love).

How about you? Any single life-alteringly beautiful memory (bonus points if its a high school memory) that stands out this very minute? Do share please, I’m curious! ;)


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  1. Perfect timing! I was taking a few minutes at lunch to look around some blogs and here you are. I’ve had so many moments where so
    Wine was kind to me and helped me make it through the dark days… like the time a friend in Romania gave me a long distance hug. ;-)

  2. Hahaha! This stupid iPhone!! … so wine was supposed to be someone!!! But wine is good too.

    • That’s so sweet of you, Becky, I love long distance hugs and I love you so it was a perfect moment for us both! ;)
      Many more hugs, darling!

      (Oh, and I was totally puzzled “What? Wine? Hmmm…” when I read the first comment in the notification email. But I agree, wine is good too.)

  3. That’s a sweet story. There have been a few times when someone togas done something nice to help me through a dark time. One I still remember clearly was when a friend gave me a small wooden cross that said believe on it before I had surgery. I held it with me until the last possible second.

    • Thanks for sharing, Darlene. Your story definitely beats mine, that was such a beautiful gesture ;) And I love that you’ve held it with you until the last possible second!

  4. Oh my! I have to say Becky’s iPhone wine blooper just made me laugh!

    My husband was intending to propose to me in a proper way, but I came home from work, upset and crying one day. He gave me my engagement ring just to make me smile!

    • Oh, that iPhone blooper made ma laugh aloud as well :)

      And my gosh, that’s such a beautiful story! You’ve got me all teary now… Your husband seems just wonderful!

  5. Estrella, I so understand about not falling asleep right away….even when I’m really tired or to the point of exhaustion…my mind doesn’t want to shut down, either. It’s constantly jumping around from thought to thought to thought….I keep a little notepad and pen on my night stand, just in case something REALLY important pops into my head! Like things that must be done the next day, or a story I wanted to write, etc. I just learned about “free-writing” last January when I attended a writers/spiritual retreat. I’d never heard of just starting to write, without even thinking and more or less…letting the pen do the writing, or the keyboard! It really was amazing. I’m sorry to say I haven’t really thought to do that lately. I need to get back to a routine of early morning free writing, and/or some kind of writing prompt. As far as random acts of kindness…you know I also really believe in that and try to practice it, which in reality is an act of kindness to myself! I can’t think of any life-altering beautiful memory right at this moment, though, to share with you! Sorry! I guess I’ve had more than just one or two or a few……An unexpected card in the mail from a friend…just because. A small gift…..just because….They’ve all been very special. Hearing from my blog friends…..such as YOU is definitely one! :)

    • I’m sorry your mind does the same thing, but it’s a bit of a relief to see that not only mine does this sort of thing…

      Free-writing sometimes surprised me when I least expected it to, I’ve written a few poems and flashes like that, but never really set aside time to just write freely without an ending, structure, fully formed idea in mind before. I felt like it would be a bit of a waste of time when I could’ve been doing/writing more important stuff. But it turns out that’s not the case – the poems and flashes I free-wrote are still my favorites!
      Hope you get back to it too, a little playfulness never hurt, and at times surprises you with the outcome :)

      And no worries about not being able to think of one single moment to share, mine are all the same as yours ‘just because’ moments I might call them ;)
      And I’m always happy to hear from my blog friends, such as YOU!
      You (guys) make me happier than you could ever imagine!

  6. That’s such a sweet high school story, thanks for sharing it.

    The free writing exercise reminds me of NaNoWriMo. Only then it’s 30 days of writing whatever the mind decides to produce!

    • Thanks, Pat! :)

      And it is similar to NaNo, except with NaNo you have the freedom to make plot summaries, start thinking of your characters, etc. beforehand.
      With this free writing exercise you don’t have that (for this post I wrote down the word ‘doodle’ and placed the doodle on the desk); and while I thought to write two sentences about it and just post the scanned doodle – what you’ve read is what free writing decided I should be posting. ;)

  7. Wonderful post Estrella! This reminds me of the time I moved away from home, (home being the mountains of Tennessee), to the southeast coast, more than a thousand miles away from my family. It didn’t take long for me to feel homesick, and apparently, even though I did my best to smile and show I was happy, that lonliness shone through brighter….a young man I was working with at the time, unbeknownst to me, was taking art classes in his spare time, (he was only 21 and already married with two babies). One day he brought in a sketch to work and told me about the classes before handing the sketch to me. It was a picture of me sitting on a dock over the ocean, crying. It was such an incredibly accurate likeness of me, I was astounded, and pretty much speechless. Here I’d thought I’d hid my homesickness all that time, but no, he saw straight through me. It was then I admitted, more to myself than anyone else, that I missed my family and just had to get back home.

    I have that picture tucked away somewhere amid the boxes and boxes of “memories”, if I can find the time to look for it, and find it, I’ll take a picture and post it sometime.

    Thank you so much for sharing your heart with us, and for bringing back the memories!

  8. That’s a great story.
    I remember this one time we visited a museum with my class, and I wanted a magnet which I haven’t had the money for cause I forgot my backpack in the bus. And a classmate I wasn’t very much friends with bought it for me and didn’t even let me repay him. Instant friendship which lasts 10 years later as well :) Thanks for helping me remember, I’m going to call him right now!

  9. A girl in my class got pregnant at 15 and she had to quit school. Everyone in class wrote her a letter and sent encouraging thoughts. She wrote back thanking us, saying that was the nicest thing that has ever happened to her.
    I still talk to her sometimes, and when we reminisce about that time, she always reminds me how much she appreciated the gesture; it’s now the second best things that has happened to her – the first being her baby boy being born healthy and perfect.


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