Natural remedy for tired legs

Do your feet sometimes hurt as much as mine insist on hurting? Making a quiet afternoon uncomfortable because you’ve exhausted all possible positions your legs could feel even remotely comfortable in?

Here’s an effective natural gel remedy you could prepare easily.

Natural remedy for tired legs

1/2 cup Aloe Vera gel

1 heaping teaspoon cornstarch

1 tablespoon of witch hazel and rosemary floral water

3 drops of peppermint essential oil

2 drops of eucalyptus essential oil

In a thermo-resistant glass warm the aloe gel, floral water and cornstarch, stirring to homogenize until it all becomes of a creamy, semi-liquid texture. When the mixture is almost cold, add the essential oils and thoroughly mix again.

After it’s completely cool, use it to refresh and relax tired feet.

Your legs will thank you for it! ;)


10 Comments to “Natural remedy for tired legs”

  1. My daughter was just saying how her legs were aching this morning. I will pass this little recipe on to her. thanks.

  2. Sounds so wonderful and easy! There are moments when the only thing I want is a relaxing feet massage.

  3. Made this on Monday night and tried it, and I haven’t expected it really, but it relieved most of the pain! Thanks so much for sharing :)

  4. This sounds like a great product Estrella, you should bottle it up and sell it! :) Peppermint and eucalyptus has always helped me in many different ways, it’s especially good for stress relief.

    I do have leg pain now, due to my fibromyalgia, but it was much worse when I was pregnant, (of course that’s been 12 years ago). Then I accidentally discovered that pickle juice helps a lot, drinking about a cup of it took my leg pain away almost immediately.

    Thanks so much for sharing this recipe!

  5. This sounds awesome. I’m gonna tweet it so I can favorite and “save” it.

  6. Let me know when you’ve tried it :)

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