Love is…


“Love is over-thinking for the millionth time what you want to say,
rephrasing, cutting and pasting, editing until you’re out of rational thoughts – then not having to say any of it aloud
because he/she can feel every single one of your unspoken words.”
~ Estrella Azul


Although I think Love is beyond just one single definition, the above quote has been my ‘listen-to-my-heart-on-the-spot’ entry for the Viva la Love Pen contest a couple of weeks ago.
You should check out the post if you feel inspired to send in your own one liner, or just read what other writers thought to share on what love is ;)


Valentine’s Day is a great excuse for consumerism, for having red, heart shaped things all around the house, but looking at the big picture – why narrow it down to just one day to celebrate love when it should be celebrated every single day?
I’m not feeling very festive and even though my day started out worse than I expected, it turned into a good day anyway. And it has nothing to do with Valentine’s day’s kind of love, but with genuine I’d-hug-you-if-I-were-there kind of true friendship love where one message, one question, one look is enough to lift my spirit and remind me how lucky I am to have love in my life – even if not in all the aspects I’d like for it to be present.

I just needed to be completely awake to notice this I think ;)

10 Comments to “Love is…”

  1. “Love is the triumph of imagination over intelligence.” – H. L. Mencken

  2. A very nice quote that one at the beginning of the post!

  3. I’m celebrating this Valentine’s Day curled up on the couch with some kind of 24 hour flu bug. Not very romantic, but like you said, you need to show your love all through the year not on just one day.

  4. I agree, this shouldn’t be such a big deal – to have one single day to celebrate when the majority of people are alone, have no families and such. I like to show my love every day to those who I love, family, friends, spouse and even kindness towards strangers.

  5. What a cute idea. Is that your photo? Still haven’t heard about your package…..Have you? Patsye

  6. Cheers for your wide open eyes, my friend! *hugs* ;D

  7. i love it, that’s a lovely picture and your quote about love is very accurate :)

  8. Thank you for all your comments guys, you’re the best making my whole week a pretty Valentine’s day in the midst of my being super busy :)

  9. That’s such a true statement, more often than not words are unnecessary.
    I love quotes and think it’s so cool how you’re able to post your own quotes :)

  10. I take pleasure in reading a post that may make folks think. Great take on what love is!

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