What CDs can’t record – yet the Heart does

While I was clearing some clutter and, as an added bonus, clearing my mind last month – I came across some older CDs.

Noticing the handwriting of a friend of mine on a CD made me recall what a wonderful time we had when I was visiting her one summer.
The colorful CD case of a certain album brought back memories of all those years when a friend (whom I no longer talk to because I can’t trust her anymore) and I were still best friends and inseparable.
A mix CD had me relive an afternoon spent at a distant friend’s house (same age as I) picking out the songs, burning the CD, talking – and reminding me how fleeting life really is because after that thought it occurred to me how he died in a car crash last year.
The title of a CD which has been played at a party a few years ago revived the memory of how after the party a cute guy walked me home, my jealous ex-boyfriend walked the both of us to my place then walked the guy home as well (I’m still puzzled on that one).
And many different CDs had me reminisce about many important people in my life and different periods of my life, with the good and the bad things altogether.

It’s interesting how, while CDs can’t record anything else besides computer data – they can bring up millions of memories the Heart records so well!


12 Comments to “What CDs can’t record – yet the Heart does”

  1. wow.. really nice story… :)

  2. I think these reflections apply to CDs, books, places, movies, images… you name it. Our memory uses to play with us: sometimes we just remember the best parts, sometimes the worst ones. But what would life be without our cherished memories?

  3. It’s amazing how songs can bring back certain memories. I have to say, though, I don’t have many CD’s like you have around.

  4. Research indicates that smell is our greatest link to memory, from an evolutionary standpoint, but I agree with you that sound, music especially, brings back the most memories. Music can put me right back there. I am sorry you lost your friend. I am really sorry for his mom and family. Your post is very poignant, and I love the title. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Music is indeed a very powerful memory jogger. More than a memory jogger, it is also a soul jogger, making us remember feelings of things thought long lost.

    Great post!


  6. “There were songs of love that I would sing to then…” :-)

    What a gift, the memories, as you went about a clearing/cleaning task. As with all memory, not unalloyed, because life and relationships are complex, but still a gift.

    And the entry’s title, perfect.

  7. So many memories! Sounds like you had a good time cleaning up, heh. :P

  8. Music really is a memory jogger, thanks for your comments everyone! I’m glad this brought back memories for you as well and that you could relate :)

    PS: I love the title I came up with as well, thanks ;)

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