Don’t you ever!

K.M. Weiland from AuthorCulture reminded me in her latest post of the following song that I kept meaning to share, so I’ve decided to do that today.

This entirely reflects my feelings on the topic ;)

I’m already following Julian Smith on YouTube for quite a while and this song has made me laugh aloud when I first saw it pop up in the new videos section – and it still makes me smile every single time I listen :)
Even my wake-up alarm tune is set to this, because for someone who hates mornings as much as I do, I’m thinking – if I have to wake up, why not do it with a smile on my face?

Works like a charm!

So glad K. decided to share the video, it truly brightened my Saturday morning ;)


10 Comments to “Don’t you ever!”

  1. I love it!!! This is so me as well… Thank you for sharing this video – I’m going to go find the song now… :D

    • I’m so glad to see you’ve also enjoyed it! It’s available on iTunes :)

      PS: I didn’t quite “get” the bagpipes at the ending there… but up until that part, I absolutely LOVE this song!

  2. He’s scaring me! i think it’s the hooded top/gangtsa vibe. Although that twinned with Peter Pan is priceless. Now i’m humming the chorus. Forever!

    • Ha! He’s a really sweet guy generally (as far as I could see in the videos) and very funny, he does a wonderful job of keeping people entertained. I loved the gangsta vibe (how else would people learn and not disturb?) and like you’ve said, especially in the Peter Pan part it’s just priceless!

      PS: join me for the chorus, I’m humming it (forever) as well ;)

  3. Love it! I’ll have to play this for my son the next time he interrupts me 3 million times while I’m trying to read. :)

  4. I don’t like to wake up either.

  5. hey people srsly sssht!!.. im reading a blog :)) nice video :D

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