In search of a point

Ever wondered why it is we have such an amazing time as tourists on vacation, visiting an interesting place, exploring a city we’ve never seen before? Why it is we notice the architectural details of the buildings, walk down with confidence on the unknown streets while keeping an eye on the massive landmark we want to get to and never fear getting lost in the process?
Why it is we almost never do that in the city we live in?

When we’re on a vacation we’ve usually got all the time in the world to visit anything and everything we want to, work doesn’t follow us around (if we’re lucky) and all our problems are tucked away nicely in the back of our mind until we get home.
We are far more likely to do something out of the ordinary, out of character (just think of the proverbial college spring breaks), anything goes.

Anything goes, as opposed to getting back to the city we’ve lived our entire hectic lives in, where on the streets we’re likely to run into people we don’t care for at the worst possible moments, where we’re determined to block out the sound of traffic and busy shopping centers. Where we’re almost always in far more of a hurry than to stop even for a few minutes to look around and really see what’s surrounding us while being careful not to make a wrong turn.

What’s my point with all this, you might ask?
Actually, I’m not sure myself.

It might be that I wish I had the courage every day to act like a tourist in the city I live in.
It might be that I’m finding I shouldn’t feel like walking down that street I’ve never set foot on before will be the end of the world. It might be that I need to have the confidence that there’s a familiar street at the corner; or even if there isn’t – there will be one at the next corner.
It might be that as I started writing these thoughts thinking this post will shape into something completely different – I’ve realized I need to slow down, let things take their natural course, take out my camera, look around snapping pictures and memories, take it all in and presently enjoy everything around me.

So, my point might be among the ones above.

Or… it might be all of them at once.


9 Responses to “In search of a point”

  1. Estrella, I loved this! It is so true for most of us, I do believe! We’re always in too big of a hurry, etc.etc. Many times I’ve thought to myself that my husband and I should take a “Staycation”…..having a vacation in your own city! There’s many places here that tourists come to see, and that we’ve NEVER seen! It appears this happens the world over! :)
    After reading this, I am promising myself that I WILL at least walk slower down certain sidewalks, and remember to bring my camera along! Thanks!!

    • Glad to be an inspiration, Becky, I love your “staycation” idea!
      I got to thinking about this as a friend was supposed to visit and I’ve been looking into places to visit and that’s when it hit me – as much as I love it in general, I should act like and look at this city through tourists’ eyes more often.
      Have fun walking slower :)

  2. You are totally right. I have to admit there are lots of things in my hometown Lima that I’ve never seen… and many of them are very close from the laces I use to walk.
    Maybe I have to take some staycations, as suggested by Becky.

    • I think the rush and hectic-ness of our lives in our own city is what makes us immune so to say to the beauty and treasures around us; and it’s not until we realize this that we can start fixing it by at least paying a bit more attention :)
      Hope you have a nice walk!

  3. Thanks Estrella and Gabriela, but I can’t take credit for the Staycation idea! It seems like I started hearing that term a couple of years ago on TV, here in the US! I’m happy to pass along the idea, though! Have a great week!

  4. I agree with Becky. We used to live in D.C. and found it hard to go away when we had a vacation because there was so much to do right in our “back yard.” Smithsonian, theatres, zoo, etc. And so much of it free. How lucky we were. How we wish we were back there again.

    Waiting for photos from your trip. Will you be posting some soon? Patsye

  5. I think I misread – living near the beach would make me want to camp out and feel like living in a vacation all year long ;)
    But yes, I agree, it’s amazing when you have so much to do in your own city you don’t need to go on vacation.

    I’m having trouble finishing up making collages of the photos I took… I know it’s over/been over for weeks now, but it just feels too final ;) (I know, I’m weird like that :P)


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