Your magnetism – by Estrella Azul

Together – but how?
On the lunar surface 
There is no path left…

You hug and kiss me,
Trying to convince me ‘You love me!’
Yet – can’t you see?
Despite your loving me, I can see my demise.  
Can’t you feel it?
Amongst your kissing me, I burn to ashes.
Can’t you notice?
When you’re getting near, I’m attracted. I’m trapped. 
We are not a dream with origins in stars. 
Nothing magically relieves the pain.

We are but contrasting lost souls
On the lunar surface 
In this pathless universe…


*In the following Fridays of April, I’ll be posting a poem to celebrate National Poetry Month.

PS: in case I end up not posting anything else all month, consider the above statement an April Fool’s Day hoax ;)


8 Responses to “Your magnetism – by Estrella Azul”

  1. Beautiful, as always Estrella. Than

  2. I wasn’t done! I meant to say thanks so much for sharing this with us.

  3. This is lovely and I am so happy that someone else knows it’s National Poetry Month.

  4. i really love this one, Estrella! the power of that magnetism…


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