Speaking of…

Speaking of the exact words one needs to hear, I’m overly excited to share that my wonderful friend, Dani, has mentioned me on her blog, Haiku Love Songs, as the Featured Poet of the Day yesterday.

Her kind words about me have come at a time when I can really use any and all good thoughts (but come to think of it, everyone could always, in any situation use good thoughts and kind words). Being called a true renaissance woman is way beyond flattering. I’m so grateful to have her as my friend!

And finding out I’m one of the people who inspired her to start writing prose is so exciting to know, especially as both her poems and prose are as amazing as she is (so make sure you go check out her writing!) :)

Thank you so much, Dani!


6 Comments to “Speaking of…”

  1. That is something that could make anyone’s day!

  2. Congrats, Renaissance Woman! :) You deserve all of the praise.

  3. thank you, Estrella!!! ♥ you ARE an inspiration on many levels. i’m grateful to call you my friend. ♥

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