Growing roots


Yesterday, I somehow noticed a cement flower pot in a corner of the yard.
I had to get it out of there right in that moment, I could already picture one of the flowers from the yard in it. So I did, after a bit of struggling I got it out; and while managing to sprinkle water all over myself I washed it, then placed it next to the entrance and added the flower pot.
It looks perfect, and is in the perfect spot ;)

It got me thinking though.

All the dozens of plants, flowers and seeds I’ve planted over time, although they are very beautiful and cheer me up beyond measure, are also somewhat temporary.
No matter how many flowers you plant, potted plants are in a way like a life that’s suspended, unnatural, broken from reality.
Because reality is in the ground beneath our feet, not so much in the ground that’s only touched by our fingers and water from a bottle.

While initially I looked at all the work with the pots of plants as a chore on Saturday when I couldn’t avoid Spring cleaning any longer, kneading earth in my hands began to turn into a small ritual.
Into therapy, meditation and connecting with life and with nature. It’s a wonderful feeling.
There’s a whole world woven within the roots, white and fluffy like thousands of feet of cotton.

It made me think of how much I want to grow roots somewhere, even if I’m not yet entirely sure where the perfect spot for me is.


14 Comments to “Growing roots”

  1. Home is wherever you plant yourself. :)

  2. I’m sure you’ll find your perfect place. This was a lovely, wistful post. It got me thinking about “home”.

    • Thank you, Laurita, I’m glad you liked the post!
      “Home” seems to come up a lot in my mind (and by chance in blog posts I read) over the past few weeks, it’s interesting actually.

  3. Haha, Janel has it. Wherever you root has got to be home eventually. Sounds like you’re taking good care of yourself, Estrella.

  4. I love this post. Every time I read you, you get better and better. I think just writing makes us both think AND write better. I went looking for your email, but I must have deleted it in one of my mass-wipe-outs of my mail. Write to me. I have something to send you. Patsye

  5. i really enjoyed this and can relate. thank you for delicately describing all of it.


    • It’s always good to see when people can relate to what I write. Read your blog post last night and it works vice-versa as well, I can definitely relate. Thanks, Annie!

  6. Great post Estrella. I love that the flower pot was your inspiration for contemplating your own growth!

    • Well, guess I’m not a floral artist for nothing, I can always find ways and inspiration to contemplate on my own growing from one spark of an idea regarding flowers/plants ;)
      Thanks for liking this!

  7. What a beautiful post. It got me thinking of spring and planting things and new life.

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