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A couple of weeks ago, I talked about having the courage to behave like a tourist in the city I live in (in more ways than one). And over a few weekends, I decided to do exactly that, even though I’m still on a mission to block out the sound of traffic around me by listening to my favorite music while I’m out and about.

The weather was gorgeous, I borrowed a camera and went for looong walks – taking in all the beauty and treasures Kolozsvár has to offer. I have to do this staycation thingy more often!

Have look at some gems I’ve taken the time to notice and rediscover ;)

page st peter churchSt. Peter’s Church

page farkas utca church KRKDowntown Reformed Church, Dragon slayer St. George’s statue and the Reformed High School of Kolozsvár on Farkas street

page king matyas statue King Mátyás (Michael’s) Statue

page matyas churchSt. Michael’s Church

page ferencesek churchFranciscan Church and monastery

page kolozsvarFishermen’s Bastillion, Karolina-column, Kétágú Church, Martin Aaron’s statue, King Michael’s birthplace and a couple of other gems you see walking down the streets

page hidelve and synagogueNeolog Synagogue and the Hidelve Church

page setater central park fountainFountain in Central Park

page fellegvar hillOn Fellegvár Hill

page view from Fellegvar hillView from the top of Fellegvár Hill

page from aboveKolozsvár from above
(taken from the plane as I was arriving back from Paris last month)


18 Comments to “Through the lenses”

  1. Loved your previous post, I think you’re right, getting the courage to do everything you do on vacation when you’re not on vacation is hard, but so worth it!
    Great pictures, I want to visit Kolozsvar :)

  2. nice collages :) waiting for the next ones, even if i live here :P

  3. Beautiful! We just don’t have old architecture like that here.

  4. Beautiful, Estrella. What a gorgeous city, and marvelous weather for wandering too. You make me feel I should take a shot or two of San Francisco – or a few of Foster City (although I keep taking ones of the lake there and attaching them to Haiku, so that may already be done).

    • Glad you liked this!
      Aside from one day when I only got to walk two streets down and got soaking wet in a matter of minutes before reaching my house again, the weather has been gorgeous when I went for these walks ;)
      Hope I inspired you enough to take more pictures, and of San Francisco (I’d sooo love to see San Francisco)!

  5. Love the collage of St. Michael’s Church – postcard perfect!!! I love the idea, too. I’ve often thought about it, but haven’t done it for a while… Maybe I need to make a regular date with myself to get to know where I live better… Thanks, Estrella!!! :D

    • I’m so happy you liked these as much as you did! Hope you’ll post photos once you start making regular dates with yourself and start exploring, getting to know the place you live better :)

  6. You live in a very beautiful city. Great idea to have a refreshed view of it!

  7. Hi Estrella! What beautiful photos. You really are a fabulous photographer, and your town is wonderful. Like Janel said, here in the US, we just don’t have such old and beautiful buildings.

    • Becky, thank you so much! Seeing how much everyone liked the photos makes me even happier that I decided to do this and share :)
      And hearing how you don’t have so many old buildings is kind of sad… but I know there are places where there are (one of the reasons I’d LOVE to visit Boston for example, from what I’ve seen in photos, the buildings are so nice)

  8. You live in a beautiful city! Your pictures are gorgeous, thank you for sharing them. I like the word “staycation,” its perfect :).

  9. What a cool thing. To consciously be a tourist in your own city. Did it all look new to you? I want to try that!

    • Taking the time to notice the smallest of details made many things seem new – like spotting all the cannon balls in the walls of the Bastillion, St. Michael’s Church and Downtown Reformed Church to give just a few examples.

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