Happy Bunny Day!

easter flowers

Wishing everyone a wonderful, sunny day filled with joy and lots of happy moments!

Happy Easter!

PS: my bunny didn’t want to cooperate when I tried taking her picture this year, so I had to go with a picture taken with my phone of the Pansies in our flower patch outside my window.

PPS: tomorrow I’ll be doing my best to avoid the last one (the most dreadful custom ever) of these Hungarian Easter Customs ;)
The Sprinklers actually come to ones own house, so there’s no escape… *wishes she had a back door or something*

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23 Comments to “Happy Bunny Day!”

  1. I hadn’t heard of Sprinkling Monday before. Carrying a knife seems a bit extreme, but I bet it’s usually effective. [Don’t underestimate the stupidity of boys in large numbers].

    • :) I was also suggested I take a cleaver instead of the knife since it is only for threatening purposes, but luckily I didn’t need either (I still smell like a perfume cocktail though…)

  2. Happy Bunny day to you, too~!!! I like “bunny day” better than “Easter”, so cute! I hope you had a lovely day and that the pansies are looking as beautiful as ever – like in your picture! :)

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