The lovely Amanda’s email, in which she invited me to answer a question for the Seven Souls One Musing interview series she runs on Kind Over Matter, has found me smiling last Friday.

I’m honored to be among the beautiful souls who answered the question “When you look back over the past month, what single moment stands out?” which is now up on the website.

Are you wondering what my answer is? Come see what I said.

I love each and every musing from the interview so be sure to check out the whole post even if you’re not interested in mine.
And make sure you include your musing in a comment while you’re over there, I’d love to read about your single moment that stands out from this past month :)


10 Comments to “Musings”

  1. I love how people, like you and I, all over the world can become friends through blogging and social media. Hope your head is feeling better now!

  2. I’ll take a peep now. Glad the whole shindig was so touching for you, Estrella.

    For me, the moment that stands out was talking baseball for a moment with my grandfather. He became lucid for just a little bit of Easter Sunday and asked about the Ripken family. I don’t even like baseball. Was a fan for a minute.

  3. I love your post – and the photo there! That’s such a lovely photo of… you? ;)

  4. A friend of mine had his birthday and me and some other friends prepared a really huge surprise for him. I think he is still speechless!

  5. I love that feeling of connectedness. When you know, deep down, that you are loved. Doesn’t matter the distance, or how much time goes by…there is just that knowing, the sense that wherever you are in the world, there is that friend who has your back, holds your well being in their heart and spirit. I love your post, and what you shared. It reminded me there are indeed those in my life as well, although living far away physically, who are always with me. You rock :). Love the photo of you!

    • I loved that I got the nudge to specifically reflect on this, thinking and appreciating friends who are so far away, yet so close to my heart. You’re right, knowing someone loves you is the best of feelings, comforting when times get hard.

      Thank you! Your sweet words will stay with me for a very long time as well, I’m sure (I have a great memory regarding things like this). And I’m glad you like the photo, had it taken specifically for FB and Twitter and I’ve edited it myself ;) (plus, it was taken in Taormina which I absolutely loved visiting!)

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