I still dream of Sicily

Just one of the many conclusions from my trip to Sicily last year is this: You can fall in love with Taormina in less than a day!

Have I made you curious as to why this town captured my attention and took over a part of my heart? Head on over to Milliver’s Travels and read all about it in my guest post ;)


8 Comments to “I still dream of Sicily”

  1. Memories are great Estrella!

    Have a nice weekend ahead :)

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  2. Will do. I think I could grow fond of any vacation destination right now, though…

  3. Enjoyed your guest post. As one who’s spent time in Sicily (including Taormina) I can definitely agree with your nostalgia– it’s all too easy to leave a piece of your soul there!

    • Thanks, I’m so glad you enjoyed the post – which comes like an even bigger compliment coming from someone who has been to Sicily and Taormina. You’ve described the nostalgia well, a piece of my soul is forever left in all the places I visited and loved!

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