One thing, seven days

Because I like a nice challenge. Because J’s awesome. Because I’m slightly a wonk in this department and enjoy homework assignments. And comparing notes ;)

J invited us to join her and give ourselves permission, every day, at least once. So last week, I gave myself permission to:

  1. Be vulnerable – On Monday I somehow got an extra day off to relax a bit. It gave me the chance to finally stop procrastinating and I wrote myself a love letter.
  2. Sleep in – I had the alarm set for 9 AM on Tuesday morning. It woke me up. I decided to turn it off and wake up when ever.
  3. Take the long way – I arrived for tutoring 20 minutes early on Wednesday and instead of walking inside to torture the poor kid longer than I was supposed to, I kept on going and walked around the block. I got to take some pretty pictures and also captured some graffiti love on film.
  4. Cry – Sometimes (for me specifically on Thursday) you just need to allow yourself a good cry…
  5. Put things off – Friday evening found me exhausted. I still had emails to answer, things to write up, take care of, organize, etc., but I somehow managed to make myself stay away from it all and tackle it the next day.
  6. Don’t care – I got the new HeyHiHello album on Saturday. Listened to it all afternoon. I decided not to care if neighbors could heard me or not and sang along even in the yard as I hang the laundry to air dry.
  7. Be a child – I found “The Flintstones” online. I loved it so much as a child. So guess what I watched Sunday night, ignoring everything else I needed to get done? ;)

How about you? What did you give yourself permission to do?

12 Responses to “One thing, seven days”

  1. Gotta admit, I totally flunked last week’s challenge, except for Saturday. Well, maybe Friday too. On Friday, Jon and I sat for about 2 hours and chatted over calamari and milk teas (my guilty pleasure). Saturday I drifted over the coast and just enjoyed nature. this week, I will do better, but even if I don’t, I give myself permission for that too :-)

    Loving your list, especially Flintstones (cuz I’m just a big kid) and taking the long way. treasures are found on the long way :-)

    • That’s so cool how you chatted with Jon over calamari and milk teas, and your Saturday seems perfect! It’s a good point – if doing better on this week assignment won’t get done, giving yourself permission for that too is more than okay :)

      Thanks for liking my list, I seem to enjoy The Flintstones even as a grown up kid :P And so true, treasures are found on the long way! Thanks for that reminder, Kenneth!

  2. Sometimes, I give myself permission to eat chocolate. The bad part is that it happens more often than I think it should. But today it doesn’t matter at all: yesterday I participated on a 10K walk and today I can indulge myself.

    • Giving yourself permission is the most important, even if you do it more often than you think you should. Great achievement on that 10K walk, you can totally indulge yourself now!

  3. What a great idea!! What a nice thing to do for yourself. Give yourself permission and be guilt free. I have to admit my husband is alot better at that than me. I need to work on that.

    • On, I’m not always guilt free – I need to work on this myself, but it’s nice to have the list as proof that I can do it if I pay attention to loving and being more understanding with myself :)

      Thanks for stopping by, Lara, hope you can work on giving yourself permission more often too.

  4. Hi Estrella! How wonderful to give yourself permission to “just be” …and enjoy!

    I allowed myself to be lazy, sleep off and on all day, and stayed in my jammies on Saturday! I’d been very busy all week, with other than usual things, and my energy level is very low….So, I really needed it! What was really neat was that Vern slept off and on all day with me, too! Either on the floor near my bed, or in bed with me! (for those who don’t know…Vern is my dog!) :D

    • That sounds like a wonderful day, Becky, I can’t wait to have one of those myself! When I say I have a day to relax it means I’m doing only a hundred things of the thousands I need to do and stress about not doing the rest ;)
      Which is why it’s a big deal when I actually manage to put things off that I think need doing ASAP or else the world would stop spinning :P

      PS: I know who Vern is, but true, those would’ve been pretty weird last two sentences if Vern wasn’t your dog :P Thanks for the laugh!


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