All smiles :)

It’s Friday. It’s a special day that started out with many Twitter mentions and messages, e-mails, chat, texts, Facebook status comments and messages – and a beautiful Rosa Tros shoved under my nose this morning while I was still asleep!

I’m all smiles :)

A perfect start to my day – thank you everyone!


Now… that said:

Don’t you just love it when even your food smiles at you? ;)



10 Comments to “All smiles :)”

  1. Have a wonderful, delightful, super fabulous day!! :)

  2. When food smiles at me, I think it is inviting me to eat… like it’s happy I chose it to enjoy :-)

    Enjoy your special day!

    • That made me smile, Kenneth! But it seems valid!
      Such a cute smile this slice of watermelon had – I actually took the photo when I visited my friend in Hungary last summer.

      And thanks, I really enjoyed my birthday. Which is a big deal, cause I don’t really like birthdays (birthdays = mine) I’m much happier celebrating other people. Hey, maybe j’s plan to make people love themselves more is rubbing off on me :)

  3. Nothing like having a good and smiley day, eh? I’m happy for you! :D

  4. I actually think that looks more like a mustache and that it should really be wearing a monocle :P

  5. I keep forgetting to comment on this. Awww! ;-)

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