Premeditated acts of self-love

For last week, J thought we could commit premeditated acts of self-love together. It was fun, and today couldn’t come fast enough, I couldn’t wait to swap stories with everyone.

Below is J’s proposal for each day of the week and how I applied said suggestions.

Monday: Indulge in at least one guilty pleasure. 
Sugar overload and junk food… I balanced it out by eating a huge salad for dinner though.
Tuesday: Express yourself. (Have fun with this one.)
This one will be a stand-alone post in the upcoming weeks.
Wednesday: Reward yourself.
Enjoyed a leisurely morning spent in my pajamas, wandering through the pages of “The Confessions of Catherine de Medici”, after having breakfast in bed.
Thursday: Take 15 minutes (or more) and wander (mentally or physically)
A friend of mine took me shopping with her. I rediscovered how much I dislike shopping. The drive there and back was so much fun though, I loved catching up with her and reminiscing. This evening ended up including both mentally and physically wandering.
Friday: Sip something delicious.
Wine – ‘nuff said. 
Saturday: PLAY.
Out of the blue, just because kind of a movie night with a friend. (I can totally add playing with the cats and bunny to the list too)
Sunday: Love someone – fearlessly, consciously, as only you can.
Not just someone, but more than one person. I love them – consciously, for no specific reason, as only I can and (almost) fearlessly even if it gets my heart broken in a million different ways.
Maybe someday I’ll share the whole list, but for now I’ll say the one I had to focus on most yesterday: figuring out how to say goodbye to a very fear friend of mine who is going back to the States after many month of having her in the same city as I am, just a phone call away and seeing her every week. I love her and will miss her so much!

How about you guys? Did you do any (or all) of the above throughout the week?


8 Responses to “Premeditated acts of self-love”

  1. Your week sounds so fun! My week was more twisted, so my wandering happened on different days, as well as loving someone fearlessly, but I think that made it even more fun. Glad you had such a great week!

    • Oh, my week was just as twisted I’m sure, with many of these things overlapping on different days (like eating ice-cream three days (and a lot of birthday cake!) which is another guilty pleasure, loving someone constantly, etc.) but I went with typing up something specific to the daily assignment for the list.
      It was a nice week, thanks for stopping by and telling me so!

  2. WOW! You rocked the self-love week! I have such a big smile! I love your salad save and your reward day! I want that. (In fact, the week is young. I can do it!)

    Big love to you, amazing one! Love, love, love this post!

    • Thanks, j! It makes me happy to read you have such a big smile after reading about my week.
      Oh, and the week is young, do it! I know you’ll rock that as amazingly as you are :)

      Lots of love to you too!

  3. That mental wandering sounds soooo good.


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