Ten to life – by Estrella Azul

Staring at the crack in the ceiling, she contemplates on what color to have her room painted.
She’d love purple, except, she couldn’t afford changing the carpets as well. The color needs to be something that matches the red and black combo.
Grey – or would that be too morbid?
No, grey would be appropriate – she giggles at her decision after weighing the options.
Because after the bank loan gets approved, she’d be living on bread and water for the next ten years anyway, and she’s already got bars on her windows.


16 Comments to “Ten to life – by Estrella Azul”

  1. Without the title I would have assumed she’d taken a loan out for a place in a bad neighborhood. I’ve certainly been in places where bars on the windows are standard for safety. But she’s in prison?

    • No, she’s not in prison. She might live on the ground floor so just has bars on the windows for safety. But living on bread and water for the next ten years paired up with the bars contributes to her feeling as if she was… and I think being in prison in her case could also be a state of mind?

  2. Oh, the poor dear, what a bleak future to be facing. I think maybe bright yellow, to bring something akin to sunshine into her life.

  3. Owch. I guess sometimes it comes together that way, hey? I feel bad for her.

  4. Wow Estrella, you said A Lot in such a small space here, and so very well! Great work!

    • Thank you, Deanna, you’re a sweetheart! I’m gad you liked the piece, after all I think I’m a bit rusty – haven’t posted a #fridayflash in ages…

  5. I’d rather live debt free than being suffocated with creditors, due dates et al.

  6. I, too, got confused with the bank loand and bars, so thank you for clarifying in the comments. I reread after that, and the mood of the piece shined through. Well done for such a short space.

  7. Good story. Life can seem to be prison at times, no doubt about it.

  8. “…No, grey would be appropriate – she giggles…”

    Morbid sense of humor she has – or, perhaps, simply a delicious sense of the absurd. That last can get a person through the most trying times, which sounds like 10 years of bread and water while repaying her loan might well be.

    Beautifully brief, Estrella, but a lot of story contained within.

    • I love your comment, Kevin, thank you!
      With either a morbid sense of humor or simply a great sense of the absurd – you’re right, it can get one through the most trying times :)

  9. Thanks guys, it’s so nice to read your comments on this few sentences long flash, I’m glad it’s clearer now :)

  10. Great symbolic writing. Loved reading this.

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