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2011, June 1

Is there anything you don’t do?

As I was Tweet-ing back and forth with Kenneth (also fondly known as Tall Pajama Man) throughout a few days, he raised the above question last night – if there’s anything I can’t do – which in turn prompted this blog post.

To answer his question, actually yes, there are so many things I wish I could do (and I’m planning to learn how to). But for now, let’s make a list (don’t act all surprised, you knew this was leading to a list eventually!) of some of the things that I can do – and which express slightly tomboyish traits ;)

I could just call most of these collectively ‘basic repairs around the house’, but making a list is so much more fun.

So, I can:

  • wrench on a car – I used to help my grandfather in the garage when he still fixed cars
  • wire and install an outlet – watched the electrician do it a couple of days ago and asked to give the other one a go on my own (am planning to install a new one in my room too)
  • take a door off/put it back on its hinges all by myself and properly use WD-40 on said hinges (or others) to stop them from squeaking
  • take a bed apart (or almost anything really) and put it back together without leftover pieces
  • tile a countertop (upcoming DIY tutorial in a few weeks)
  • paint doors, window frames, shelves, walls, fences, etc.
  • build a shelf, fasten legs and handles on cabinet
  • hook up the entertainment center, set up Wi-Fi and operate Total Commander (I’m including the latter only because I’ve been told ‘Girls never use Total Commander.’) 
  • jump fences (sshh our little secret, alright?)

(Later edit – a couple of things I forgot/learned since publishing the original post)

  • reading a map and not getting lost even without one
  • use a staple gun (re-do upholstery)
  • use a foam gun
  • drill holes (correctly) for pelmet and shutters 

All that aside from the regular being great at cooking/baking, decorating cakes, interior design, arts & crafting, playing the piano (a bit), singing, writing, rollerblading, riding a bike, tutoring, floral art, photography (improving as I go), … I think that’s it. Hmmm… guess I should stop being amazed when people call me a true renaissance woman.

I’m hoping this post falls someplace neutral in between obnoxious self-importance and boring earnestness.

So, let’s talk business – want to adopt me? ;)

And tell me: what are you guys good at that’s generally considered a task for the opposite sex? 

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