Easy concrete pattern

Ever wondered of a DIY method to have patterned concrete that fits a tight budget? I’ll share a little secret of how you can get it done in no time and basically for free. Take notes, it’s complicated!

For all intended purposes, it’s best to do this in the evening:
– Mix concrete according to specifications on the packaging.
– Pour concrete wherever needed.
– Smoothen it out carefully until it looks perfect. 
– Watch it like a hawk for about an hour, then go work on something else for a while.
– By the time you come back you’ll have the perfect paw print patterns in it courtesy of curious, but very helpful cats.
For the fullest effect it helps to have three cats so the pattern will come out looking more random and with different paw print sizes. 
  – Note: it probably works just as well with dogs if you’d like to have a pattern of bigger paw prints.

Kitty paw print - A love message

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12 Responses to “Easy concrete pattern”

  1. Aww! What very sweet decorations courtesy of your kitty. :)

  2. Oh, that is hilarious AND adorable! Love it!

  3. Estrella, I was about to comment on how ingenious you are (and you are), but then I realized what was going on… yes, as Becky said, hilarious. I needed a smile on my face, and this made my day :-)

    • Glad my post was what brought a smile to your face and which made your day my friend, sending *huge hugs* (a few days later) to go with that!
      And thanks for not taking back ‘ingenious’ completely ;-)

  4. Interesting post, so cute!

  5. So cute and so funny. I hope you were laughing about it too!

  6. @ All
    Glad to see you guys found this as amusing as I did! :)

  7. Those you shared do look fake, wonder who thought to sell something like that. They’ve come “naturally” for my pattern ;)


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