Rush into oncoming traffic

Courage is a choice. A big one for that matter.

After watching one of Bernardo’s vlogs, I commented with the following sentences:

A friend of mine recently told me I must be so courageous for rushing into oncoming traffic the way I did when I was heading for tutoring (and running late). I kiddingly told her it’s either that or I had a death wish ;-)
But it made me think about something I once read about courage – that it’s not the absence of fear but what we do in spite being afraid.
What ever the case may be, choosing to – rush into oncoming traffic, say something you might be misunderstood because of or which might hurt someone, write that email you’re dreading, quit that job, say "No." to something/someone, or just leap into life
[and live it fully] – it all takes courage and we must also choose to not let fear stop us!

As I look back, one of the sentences that I used most frequently over these past few weeks is “I don’t know.” And that sentence, that fact, makes me feel discombobulated, uneasy and flat out scared.
Because who doesn’t like (even a false sense of) control? Not knowing takes all that away.

However, despite the way it makes me feel, no matter how it makes me look at the world and the future, I’m choosing to allow myself only one thing in situations like this.
One thing, which defines what courage is to me right now: rushing into oncoming traffic. On all Life’s stages. On a daily basis.


4 Comments to “Rush into oncoming traffic”

  1. I love your viewpoint of courage!…and I so needed it, because it’s what I’m about ready to do…rush into oncoming traffic. I’ve been mustering the courage to tackle an issue I’m up against personally, and I’ve had no idea where to start, or how to go about it ( which is why I’ve been quiet lately on my blog). Not knowing is okay. This post is a good reminder for me that just because I have no idea what the hell I’m doing, doesn’t mean I can’t learn as I walk through it. Thank you so much, Estrella :D.

    • It’s a reminder for me as well, and completely different from what I originally sat down to write about. After finding the link to that video (by chance, again) it felt like nothing could top these few thoughts right now – that not knowing is in fact okay and how important moving forward is.
      Cindy, I’m so glad my post was what you needed, I’m cheering you on in your rushing into oncoming traffic! Thank you for telling me all of this, it’s so good to know when what I needed to write down helps someone see things differently than they originally thought :)

  2. I haven’t heard that said before and I like it – what we do despite being afraid. I like it.

    • I like that you like it, Tammy, I remember how much I liked it when I first read that statement. It all comes down to saying YES to Life and living it fully, to feel the fear and do it anyway.

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