Weeks in Tweets & Poppies

In the midst of business, while walking to the DIY retailer, it’s lovely to notice and not walk past small gems like these poppies by the tracks.

poppies by the tracks

Yes, I’m still slightly busy, though the place finally resembles a house again and most everything is in its (final?) spot.

So here it is, for those of you who don’t follow me on Twitter or Facebook (which clearly states that there’s something wrong here, go correct that ASAP), my past weeks in (selected – cause I’ll spare you) tweets/FB updates.

(early) PS: if you feel like it, check out this cover of HeyHiHello’s “Don’t quit! Not quite!” I uploaded to YouTube.

– Having a new water heater installed even as I type this – the house is SHAKING! (and I’m partially deaf for the moment…)
– A moment ago we had two smaller holes in the wall… now we have a HUGE one instead!
– Now the "fun" part – cleaning up the mess workers left behind…
– And of course… When I’m at my messiest – that’s when my friend decides to show up unannounced… #dieofembarrasment
– Okay, now I’m officially starving. And beyond exhausted. And cranky. In around 100% each…
– Couldn’t decide between dialog or basic prose for my #fridayflash. copy + paste = accidentally deleting dialog. Well, prose it is then…
– Wondering why in the world we decided to rearrange a roomful of furniture today… #hurtankle *skips off to find some ice (or frozen peas or something)*
– It’s 10 PM. Finally sat down. Second time today. First time was at around 4 PM. #beyondtiredagain
– If I wasn’t a perfectionist,I wouldn’t have spent the past 50 minutes decorating grandparents’ birthday cake. But it looks wonderful! #proud
– Just wired and installed an outlet! So exciting, could go for an electrician job now ;-) (and) I totally deserve to start lunch backwards after this achievement so bring on the dessert!
– Eating strawberries – and they’re absolutely delicious!!! (I’ll so regret this in the morning… but I just can’t resist…)
– (completely forgot, though I had the tab open for weeks…) Finally got around to sending my #fridayflash submission to BOFF2 the other day
– Insanely hot today! At this point though I’m just glad it was the first day this week when I was out and it didn’t start raining as soon as I got far enough from my house to turn back for an umbrella :)
– Things need to be organized, boxed, cleared… and I keep getting distracted, anything’s more interesting than doing what I’m supposed to :P
– L.: Oh my gosh I can barely see. Me: That’s not comforting to know when you have a sharp object (scissors) around my fingers…
– So let me get this straight: if my eyes are open, everyone thinks I’m awake. I tried walking with my eyes closed but it didn’t go too well..
– Getting tired of dodging furniture that’s all over the place and not in their usual spot… (dodge = walking into)
– I’ve been up for 12 hours straight after sleeping for 3 on and off… Still lots to do…
– I just used a foam gun :-D
– Now I’ve been up for 16 hours straight after sleeping for 3 on and off… Finally in bed – dreading having to wake up at 7 AM again tomorrow
– Ah, nothing better than stepping over cats when the only acceptable sleeping spot for them is in ones way…
– So far today, I drilled holes (correctly) for pelmet & shutters and fastened legs & handles on the new cabinet. I’ll call that progress :)
– Alright, heading to bed finally… can you say freakin’ e-x-h-a-u-s-t-e-d? :(
– Am still in my PJs. Didn’t have anything clean. That’s what happens when all ones clothes are in sealed boxes I guess :-P
– Watching my mother and grandfather being stubborn. Still wondering where my stubbornness comes from? :-P
– If anyone told my 6 yo self that at 24 yo I’d be feeding the cat with a spoon (medicine) I would’ve laughed in their face! – How is it my dark blue curtains let as much light through as my old white shades? (yeah, needed to ask that at 4 AM since I woke up for a sec…)
– Found an apology letter written 10 or so years ago stuck under my window sill. It’s a good thing or I’d never have forgiven my friend for breaking my badminton racket ;-)
– Feels so good to wake up at 10 and not 7 AM. What thrills me even more is that I no longer have to struggle my bed out of its place every single morning/night!
– My blisters have blisters… Kitchen’s starting2 resemble the place I used2 love – actually had the patience2 prepare dinner tonight (though only got to it after 11 PM)
– I have to go tutoring in about half an hour. Can you guess how many seconds it took to become cloudy just now?
– Have just successfully taped the ribbon from my top to a package I’m wrapping… #probablyproofoftiredness
– Me: "Could you please hand me the headphones?"
L.: "This?" – pointing at my glass of water
Me: staring blankly – … "Umm, headphones?" – both of us laughing now
L.: "You know I can’t hear well…" – kidding
Me: "Just pour a little water into your ears then."
Hmmm… When did everyone in the neighborhood have kids? Looks like a baby invasion out there :-P
– Okay, how do I always end up sitting uncomfortably while writing, and only realizing it after I finished, that my leg fell totally asleep?
– I was in the perfect mood to sing all morning (not such big news). I was also in the perfect mood to record it (that IS big news)!

– Right now, this minute, love feels like –
… a possibility, a journey, an adventure, a weekend stretched to eternity
… a heart on the beach
… the most uncertain, tenacious, magical, vulnerable, hopeful, fearful, earnest, restless act on this Life’s stage that I couldn’t ever do justice to fully describe. ~ Inspired by @jclementwall


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  1. Wow – so much going on!!! I’m trying to follow you on twitter & FB because your life is certainly changing and being and doing… Love it!!!

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