Stillness – by Estrella Azul

2011-06-07 20.21.13

"Through a lens I glance
At the beauty around me –
Capturing stillness"


Loved the natural artsy light/shadows effect coming through our new window after closing the curtains for the first time.

The above haiku was inspired by this photograph and Kevin J. Mackey (who just published his amazing haiku collection – if you haven’t already purchased your copy: What are you waiting for?).

13 Responses to “Stillness – by Estrella Azul”

  1. I liked it when I first read it, Estrella. I like it even more now. Nice work!

  2. Photo and haiku are gorgeous, Estrella! Stirs the soul…

  3. Well I went to the waterhole (rss feed) #haiku, and was directed here. It has nice warm beauty. Yet, it is a virtual. Though reading: that human evolution is slowing, can consciousness be expanding? I leave you this, formed this morning and shaped here.

    Old Face

    Tremulous Rain
    Scuffling feet walk
    Friday Preludes
    btw your cookie infer was smart

  4. The haiku and photo fit so well together that I can’t imagine them ever being apart – lovely! Thank you for sharing… :)

  5. really beautiful photo and set perfectly against the haiku

  6. I see a very Picasso-type face in that photo! Love the golden light…


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