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2011, June 27

Loving Love Graffiti

June, according to J’s Love Project, was the month of love graffiti, a month to leave behind little love notes and messages for others to find.

Since my phone camera is mostly for show, and vehemently refuses to take good photos unless it’s outside in sunny weather (although it keeps a selective mind even then), I didn’t take a photo of every single love message I’ve left, nor where I left them since my frustration with poor quality photos would’ve drawn attention to my sneaking around to leave said love notes.

So, to go with what I have proof of, this past month, I’ve left post-it messages to say there’s an endless supply of hugs in my room. To state beauty and lots of love. To wish bon appétit & yummy food to go along with the appetite; a sunny day; and a lovely day such as the person I was wishing it for. To send millions of kisses; and hugs. To say thank you for a walk and for turning my afternoon into a lovely one.

page post-it love-1

I also found this love graffiti downtown as I was walking home in the rain (for the Nth time).

page i love graffiti 

And while I was at it, leaving love behind, I was more attuned to noticing how love didn’t always come in written form.

It came in the form of: a walk that turned out to be longer than both of us expected (but oh-so-fun), recipes printed out and stuck in my mailbox after I mentioned to a friend my need for some new rice recipe ideas, apples and cinnamon flavored micro popcorn in the mailbox (talk about unusual mail), paw print patterns – kitty love, real/virtual hugs and kisses, a statement that I didn’t look as awful as the rain actually did made me look, a cool new mug for the occasion of our semi-renovated house, conversations, prompts, sharing tech-savvy-ness as technology hated me more than usually this week, emails expressing love, links to (love (computer love)) songs, lending stuff/help/time, a plate of yummy cherries magically appearing on the counter. And so on.

cherry love

Now I’m curious: what was your month like spreading-love-wise?

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