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2011, June 29

Here’s what I think

I love reading friend’s blogs. And I love it even more when they’re posts urge me to question generally accepted truths, when they get me thinking, when they stir up emotions, when they make me reminisce.

That’s how I reached the following conclusions.


1. Love shouldn’t be voted and debated on. period.
It really is all about the love! ~ on
It’s all about the love, baby.

2. Things more often than not don’t come out as we think or want. And then again, sometimes the things that do come out the way we think or want eventually turn out not to be what we really needed. It’s a process. And all we can do is to accept (like Becky said), moving forward in a messy eclectic beautiful discombobulated ball of confusion – and being comfortable with it. ~ on That’s what she said…

3. Reading about integrity from the stillness Annie Q Syed found is a wonderful experience. Holding hands and not letting go might be hard at times, but more rewarding than anything. The fusions of fiction and non-fiction… it does require holding hands. ~ on Still Sundays

4. “…, but he knows them. Deeply, passionately, the way relationships should be.” – there’s so much truth to that sentence. Getting to know people, to really know them, is so much fun and so important. Because like Kenneth said, as wonderful as it is that someone knows us, it’s equally and sometimes even more important to know someone.
We’re happy when people remember our names, our likes and dislikes, and if it makes us happy, it can’t not make the people we know unhappy (right?) ~ on
Cheers… Well, Not Really, But Close…

And for this last one I couldn’t find the poem (or was it blog post? Chrome sometimes doesn’t give me the ‘restore’ option…) I originally commented on with the following sentences, so here’s the second time this topic came up and my comment on that post.

5. I’ve just stated a couple of weeks ago how much of life is grey. How much is in the grey – which leaves so much possibility to be turned into either positive or be perceived as negative – not (solely) in black and white.
Life seems to me to be about dichotomous beliefs almost always.

Life’s definitely technicolor! ~ on Dichotomous j


I hope you’ll take the time to read all these posts, I’m sure you’ll love them!

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