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2011, July 4

Wizard Rock Love

Who doesn’t love Harry Potter? Who doesn’t like music? There’s no way the two of these combined could go wrong.

That’s why I love wizard rock!


Listen/watch two of the songs I’m eternally in love with ;)

Wizard love – Meekakitty & HeyHiHello


Don’t leave – Ministry of Magic


I’ll spare you and stop here or I’d fill my whole blog with videos in a matter of minutes.

And now, assignments ;)

– Let me know in the comment section if you liked the songs! (I hope you did.)
– Are you excited for the second part of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” movie to be released this month?
– Tell me, what House do you think you’d be in? Gryffindor? Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw? Or maybe Slytherin? (I’ll reveal mine in an upcoming post.)

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