Wizard Rock Love

Who doesn’t love Harry Potter? Who doesn’t like music? There’s no way the two of these combined could go wrong.

That’s why I love wizard rock!


Listen/watch two of the songs I’m eternally in love with ;)

Wizard love – Meekakitty & HeyHiHello


Don’t leave – Ministry of Magic


I’ll spare you and stop here or I’d fill my whole blog with videos in a matter of minutes.

And now, assignments ;)

– Let me know in the comment section if you liked the songs! (I hope you did.)
– Are you excited for the second part of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” movie to be released this month?
– Tell me, what House do you think you’d be in? Gryffindor? Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw? Or maybe Slytherin? (I’ll reveal mine in an upcoming post.)


8 Comments to “Wizard Rock Love”

  1. I think I’d be a Gryffindor. Or Hufflepuff. In a previous lifetime I could have been a Ravenclaw or even a Slytherin. Gosh, I’m complicated, lol!

    As to the songs, I confess I didn’t like them much, but I looove the fact that they’re making wizard rock. So cool! :D

    • I think we all could be in each house at some point in our lives.
      I’m glad you like the idea of wizard rock even if you didn’t like these particular songs. It is cool that they’re making wizard rock :)

  2. I gotta admit, Estrella, I have never seen any Harry Potter movie. Not because it’s Harry Potter, but I am so far behind on my movie watching I haven’t gotten around to it (haven’t seen Avatar either, and a whole host other movies). I think I will need you to educate me on the houses and all things Potter. I can make a mean bag of popcorn :-)

    • I fell in love with HP as soon as I watched the first HP movie. After getting home promptly asked “Mom, could you buy me the books?” Now, after having read the series I know for a fact that the books are far better than the movies (or I’m too much of a movie snob when it comes to movies based on novels) but it is interesting to watch the movies as well, to see how they’re envisioned and brought to the screen. If you have the time, I strongly recommend reading the books – they’re amazing!
      Let’s add ‘watch HP movies’ to that list of ours ;)

  3. Yes to the songs. Yes to the movie. My house? Well, really Gryffindor is the only one that we get to learn about but perhaps I’d choose Ravenclaw just to be different.

    • Glad you liked the songs.
      In the HP books we get to learn a lot more about the other houses. That said, even if you only chose it to be different, knowing you through your blog I think you’d make a good Ravenclaw, Tammy.

  4. I really like wrock and I love these songs.

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