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2011, July 6

Highly Practical Shelf

Since I haven’t done a DIY tutorial in a few weeks and this is as easy as it can get, let me show you what kind of shelf I made for our kitchen a couple of weeks back.

I absolutely love this shelf as it’s highly practical and it looks so pretty ;)

page shelf double shelf

Highly Practical (two-in-one) Shelf

– measure and cut the piece of wood you’ll use as your shelf

– choose some jars with screw-on lids (different sized, shaped, colored, etc. whatever you like); preferably flat lids (the ones I used aren’t and they work just fine, but you get this sense of fragility when handling)

-  unscrew the lids from the jars, place them on your future shelf’s bottom leaving enough space in between and fasten the lids onto the wood with two or three screws

– fasten shelf supports on the bottom next to the jar lids

– place shelf on the wall in its intended place

– fill jars with spices, herbs, tea, coffee, sugar, candy, biscuits, etc.

– screw on the jars to their respective lids, place things on top of the shelf as well and you’re done


Even better if you use recycled jars and recycled wood. The jars I used for my project once came with coffee; and if I had any, I would’ve used leftover wood for the shelf (which I actually did, but for two simple shelves before I ran out of wood).

Have fun!

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