Highly Practical Shelf

Since I haven’t done a DIY tutorial in a few weeks and this is as easy as it can get, let me show you what kind of shelf I made for our kitchen a couple of weeks back.

I absolutely love this shelf as it’s highly practical and it looks so pretty ;)

page shelf double shelf

Highly Practical (two-in-one) Shelf

– measure and cut the piece of wood you’ll use as your shelf

– choose some jars with screw-on lids (different sized, shaped, colored, etc. whatever you like); preferably flat lids (the ones I used aren’t and they work just fine, but you get this sense of fragility when handling)

-  unscrew the lids from the jars, place them on your future shelf’s bottom leaving enough space in between and fasten the lids onto the wood with two or three screws

– fasten shelf supports on the bottom next to the jar lids

– place shelf on the wall in its intended place

– fill jars with spices, herbs, tea, coffee, sugar, candy, biscuits, etc.

– screw on the jars to their respective lids, place things on top of the shelf as well and you’re done


Even better if you use recycled jars and recycled wood. The jars I used for my project once came with coffee; and if I had any, I would’ve used leftover wood for the shelf (which I actually did, but for two simple shelves before I ran out of wood).

Have fun!

15 Responses to “Highly Practical Shelf”

  1. I love shelves like this! You can even use recycled jars. :)

    • You’ve seen shelves like this before? (I haven’t seen any around here, this idea stuck with me for at least 6-7 years, saw it once in a magazine or something)

      And exactly! You can even use recycled jars, and the wood too actually. If we had any, I would’ve.

  2. A few weeks ago, I made an identical shelf, after an idea I’d seen over at Offbeathome… it’s really practical, and the looks people give you (and your shelf) once they figure out what is “wrong” with the picture… priceless!!!

    (See? http://thatwitchistrue.blogspot.com/2011/04/altar-remake-and-addition.html – crappy picture, I know… ^^ )

    • Interesting how I’ve carried this idea with me for so long and no one here has seen anything like it, while all you guys know exactly what it is ;)
      And yes, those looks are priceless!

  3. I tend to use recycled wood for all my projects. Only my giant bookshelf required going out and buying lumber. It’s hideous and huge.

  4. So this is entirely cute and practical. My dad did one of these and used it in his basement workshop for years (like 60 years ago). He had screws and nails in it. I remember him always adding more jars for new little piles of bolts and things. I traveled about from your blog this morning to the “love blog”… the love project. Got stuck there and enjoyed every minute of it. I didn’t sign up or grab the patch but I really like the idea of this. Thanks for the link. Hope all is going well in your blue-star life. Miss you. Patsye

    • I can imagine the jars filled with nails and stuff in them in your dad’s workshop!
      Good to hear you enjoyed j’s blog and the Love Project, it’s a great thing that’s for sure. Things are going well enough in my blue-star life, maybe more hectic than I’d like, but all is well. Miss you too!

  5. I love this! It’s even more adorable because of the red lids, I think! And yes, I’ve seen similar ones in magazines, but not in person. Some are made using strong magnets to hold the lids in place, too. That would be MY kind of shelf! Not so much “hard work”! :)
    You did an awesome job!

    • I really like their red lids as well :)
      Don’t know about magnets, I suppose it would be a good method as well. Though I think it might get slightly tricky if one knocks something over, if they’re nailed in place they won’t go anywhere except if the whole shelf gets broken.

  6. Oh my! My husband has been saving peanut butter jars for ten years (TEN YEARS!!!), imagine how many peanut butter jars we have/had. He swore he was saving them to screw to whatever in the garage to hold screws and things. For ten years we have tripped over peanut butter jars. I used to hide them in the recycle just to get rid of a few. He finally did it, he srewed a bunch into the “ceiling” of his work area. Yay! AND he actually recycled a lot of the ones he didn’t use. So like, An Older Woman, we have jars full of nuts and screws. Ours are all the same size, I like how you have two different sizes.

    I could never do this in my kitchen. I don’t have the patience for it. Most of my spices and herbs have pop tops, I don’t have time to unscrew bottles and jars.

    • Wow, ten years… that’s something alright! Sounds funny how you tried to get rid of the jars, sounds like what I do with my grandparents and mom regarding many similar things. That’s why I’m the one who has to do the cleaning/clearing of pantries, etc. I’m relentless.
      I’m glad your husband finally made these into nuts and screws recipients, I bet the work area looks nice now.
      The different size jars I found when I was still living with roommates last year. Started out with two big ones and a small sized jar, and then made sure I found another one of each as I was thinking of these shelves and how cute they’ll look :)

      I know what you mean about having pop tops for spices and herbs, I was worried about this a bit, but it’s not too bad really, seems like I have enough time.

      • Oh, I don’t want to give you the wrong impression. I save everything. But ten years of peanut butter jars was my limit. The house in fact is a disaster area because I have too much stuff there is no room for things in closets. I need to get better.

        I do love your different size bottles.

        When I am cooking I often am cooking on the fly and so I might only have a quick second and no patience to use the spices. You are obviously more organized than I.

        • Is this your subtle way of saying you want me to fly over and de-clutter for you? If so, I have to warn you: if you provide walks to the beach, I’m sooo in ;)
          Oh, and organization isn’t always what I’d like it to be over at this end, but yes, generally I’m overly organized so I’m sure that helps a lot.


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