Right now, this minute – by Estrella Azul

Right now, this minute,
Love feels like –
… a possibility, a journey, an adventure,
… a weekend stretched to eternity.
… a heart on the beach.
… the most uncertain, tenacious, magical,
vulnerable, hopeful, fearful,
earnest, restless act
on this Life’s stage
that I couldn’t ever do justice
to fully describe.

And right now, this minute,
Love feels like –
… this feeling that should be let go of,
which refuses to cooperate; 
… like something
that would be dealt with
much differently
in a perfect situation…

Only right now, this minute.

Because who knows what
Love will feel like –
in the following minute?


* Poem inspired by a (simple?) thought, to j’s fill-in-the blank question.
And, of course,
right now Love feels completely different.


6 Comments to “Right now, this minute – by Estrella Azul”

  1. This minute, I love what love feels like to you :-)

    I love that *love* is free enough to feel different minute by minute

    Anticipating the next minute… :-)

  2. Lovely….just lovely.

  3. This is beautiful, and very thought-provoking Estrella! Thanks so much for sharing with us.

    • Thank you, Deanna, for taking the time to tell me how thought-provoking you found my post. It was a pleasure (and out of my comfort zone!) to share with everyone.

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