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2011, July 18

A check-in with my soul

I’ve seen the ocean. I’ve watched sunrises and sunsets. I’ve visited Hungary, Sicily and France. I’ve traveled a bit in Romania too. I’ve heard silences louder than words. I’ve noticed the meaning behind a touch. I’ve listened to music played from the heart. I’ve read lines which spoke to me. I’ve written phrases which touched souls. I’ve felt fear, sadness and betray. I’ve also felt happiness and love. I’ve experienced feelings and things I never would’ve thought I would. I’ve found my way out of the dark. I’ve trusted my first instincts. I’ve been wrong. I’ve also been more than right. I’ve held hands with people I love. I’ve waited and I’ve been patient. I’ve cried. I’ve smiled. I’ve laughed. I’ve made wonderful friends. I’ve failed. I’ve succeeded. I’ve caught a glance of other’s affection for each other. I’ve heard the exact words I needed to hear in the exact moment I needed to hear them. I’ve put up walls – I’ve torn them down and then built them back up again – I’ve realized it’s a process. I’ve decided to choose. I’ve changed. I’ve let go – over and over again.
I’ve crafted myself a life, which although imperfect, I like. I’ve lived a little magic.


* Inspired by Lisa McCray’s What I’ve Seen, which was brought to my attention by the awe-inspiring J.

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