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2011, July 20

When things are “Lost” and there’s no “Undo”

Annie Q. Syed’s latest Still Sundays post got me thinking of “lost” thoughts as she was describing how she had lost, for the second time, what she had written.

I really admire how she didn’t give up just because the thoughts disappeared, then when the words disappeared and "undo" wasn’t an option. I think we should all keep going when we don’t have the option to "undo".
Because when we give it a second, third, another try, we still discover new things and (re)discover what the most important thing was, what really stood out throughout all those "lost" tries.
And I say "lost" because this happened to me before as well. I lost thoughts I was sure I’d recall. I sat in front of the laptop and blinking cursor, I stood ready with paper and pen or my phone’s memo application to jot down anything that came to mind, only to find everything was "lost".
However, it all comes back eventually – maybe in the same form, yet more often than not in a different form. A form that’s much more rounded and baring even more meaning.

And… I think the above thought is just as well applied to life in general, not only our writer-ly endeavors. Because that’s just how Life works many times, with no “undo”.

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