Walk along with me?

I love days which are sunny and bright, yet one doesn’t feel like walking in an oven. And I love that, quite a few weeks ago, I had my friend’s camera with me on my way to/home from tutoring the kids who live outside of the city.

Here’s some of the beauty I walked past :)



IMG_5533-1 IMG_5547-1  IMG_5567-1IMG_5559-1




PS: do you like the new Life’s a stage blog header? (Thank you so much for helping out with the decision making, Kenneth!)


19 Comments to “Walk along with me?”

  1. I especially like the country road. Reminds me of home.


    • Thank you, Tim, I’m so glad you liked the photos! And that it reminded you of home.
      These are all favorite photos, there was no way I could choose fewer, and the country road is just something that has a special charm.

  2. I love it when people take us along for walks. Thanks for sharing.

    Hey, is it Tim day over here? Like a holiday or something?

  3. What a beautiful walk, Estrella. Thanks for letting us walk with you :)

  4. Oh, and yes, I love the new look! :D

    • Thank you so much. It took me a while to decide what the new header should look like (and drove a couple of people crazy during that time) so I’m really glad you love the new look! It was time for a change :)

  5. How beautiful! Scenery like that makes walking so much more enjoyable. :)

  6. Estrella, you have such a beautiful area to walk in! I also like the new look of your header too!
    Have a fabulous week!

  7. *humbly bows* – Estrella, I feel privileged to have assisted you :-). and I absolutely love the pics. There are colors and combos that I have never seen here in the US.

    When I get out there, promise me we will take a walk like this :-)

    • *curtsies appreciatively*
      It fills me with happiness to see how much you liked my photos, Kenneth. And even more the fact that you want a walk like this when you get out here. Of course I promise, adding it to The List ;)

  8. Your walk makes me want to go to Romania… Seriously! I’ve actually suggested it as a honeymoon destination and was told “if you would like to, let’s go there”. Yay! The photos on your walk just make me want to see it all even more!!! Oh – and your new header is beautiful – very lovely. Great choices!!!

    • I’m so glad to heart it, that sounds great, Trish!

      (Oh, and… Not to intrude or anything, but you better let me know when you’re here so we can meet up in person) :)

  9. Beautiful! I love the fourth picture so much. Great colors in the succulents. Growing up, we called those hens and chickens.

    • Thank you, Tammy!
      That’s a funny name – I love those succulents as well, and even got some that day when the kids’ mom noticed how much I like them. They’re now potted and looking pretty in my tiny concrete yard.

  10. Beautiful photos!

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