Turning in my keys


After much contemplating on the matter, and as hard as it was/is to do – I’ve decided to take this week off from blogging.

Now before you start thinking how lucky I am to be vacationing, I have to disclose: I will not be doing anything of the sort.

Monday through Friday I was supposed to be babysitting in between 8am – 19pm. Yesterday afternoon I found out I won’t be after all (and as much as I need the money, I can’t say I was too sad about it).
However, I can’t help but feel (actually know for certain) that I’m failing big time on time management at the moment and to tell the truth, it’s driving me nuts as I usually work wonders while multitasking. Although I’ve cut back on blogging and hardly ever publish flash fiction and poems anymore, it’s not enough it seems.
Life demands me back! I need to sort through some of the stuff that needs to be taken care of without too many distractions. I like being able to get to everything I need to attend to and possibly have some time left over. That never happens any more.

So, I’m turning in my keys – but just for the week!

Hope you have a great one! See you all next Monday. (And by that I mean Wednesday. Which you should look for on Tuesday) :)

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